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  1. MG99

    Thule Xsporter Bed Rack

    I see it’s on a Ford. Is it universal fit? Where are you located?
  2. MG99

    2009 Nissan Frontier KC Pro-4X 6MT

    Every time this gets bumped I keep wondering how it hasn’t sold yet! Someone buy this rig already…its awesome. I have a truck, but might just buy this one for when my kids start driving (in 10 years).
  3. MG99

    SOLD - 2014 BMW GS Adventure - LC

    Why should you have all the fun??? Lol Bump for a great bike!
  4. MG99

    SOLD - 2014 BMW GS Adventure - LC

    Oh only 2,300 miles away! Lol good luck with the sale.
  5. MG99

    SOLD - 2014 BMW GS Adventure - LC

    Nice bike. Where is it located?
  6. MG99

    2020 Ram 1500 Longhorn Build

    Which springs did you go with? and did you change UCA’s? Not trying to derail the thread, but could be helpful info for @ckayakr and I.
  7. MG99

    2020 Ram 1500 Longhorn Build

    Following...been waiting to see some 5th Gen Ram builds for inspiration. I’ve got a ‘19 Bighorn with some very minor mods, nothing significant enough for a “build thread” yet. FYI you can’t go down to 17” wheels because the brake set up is too big and it won’t clear. 18” minimum for sure, with...
  8. MG99

    Keep 2010 Ram 2500 or buy Jeep Gladiator?

    How about a Ram Rebel? You could get one for about the same price as a Gladiator Rubicon. You’d have your choice of cab size and bed size, it’s capable off road and is in between the size of your 2500 and the Gladiator.
  9. MG99

    New guy here.

    been staring in jealousy at my cousin’s 1970 in the yard for the past 3 months. Lol
  10. MG99

    Quarantine Project: F-150 Camper Build

    Nice build so far. I’ll be following. The founders of this very forum often refer to “overlanding” as vehicle based travel. Therefore, you indeed have an overland rig. Have you seen the topper lift? I’m very intrigued by this system and think it would suit your needs...
  11. MG99

    Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series HDJ 81 for sale

    ....for clarification purposes. Lol. Nice rig. GLWS
  12. MG99

    2001 4.7 Toyota Tundra Limited - Turn-key Overland/Touring Rig

    Nice truck. I’m on the wrong coast ☹️. Good luck with the sale, should go quickly.
  13. MG99

    GMT900 Overland build anyone?

    I think a tahoe or suburban build would be awesome (as seen above^^ 👍). I don’t know much about them but I occasionally come across older model “2500” Suburbans. What’s the difference???
  14. MG99

    Custom 5x8 aluminum utility trailer custom built PA

    Is the TracRac rack included? and can it be moved along the side rails?
  15. MG99

    Sold-KBvoodoo bed bars $400

    Thank you, but my bed is 66 1/3” wide. I’ll look into it more though.
  16. MG99

    Sold-KBvoodoo bed bars $400

    Are these universal fit or truck specific? Do you have pics of them on your truck?
  17. MG99

    SOLD!!!! Overlanding Trailer for sale ANOTHER PRICE DROP!!!

    Found this image online. Specs and weights. 👍
  18. MG99

    SOLD!!!! Overlanding Trailer for sale ANOTHER PRICE DROP!!!

    Nice build. Im surprised no one has taken it off your hands yet. What are the dimensions? Any idea on weight?
  19. MG99

    2020 Ram 1500 Build

    Curious as to what bed rack you are using?
  20. MG99

    FN BFD 18 wheels with Toyo Open Country AT II 285 65 18 - SOCAL

    What vehicle were these on?