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  1. Aaron Wasson

    For Sale: Decked Storage - 2020 Tundra Crewmax $1000

    I’m selling the Decked storage that I had from my Tundra. Still in good condition, only used to carry gear outside of the truck cab. Used once for a heavy object (300lbs). Includes: Decked Storage Tan D-Box Set of Coretrax (installed) Drawer Dividers Drain plugs (not installed) Drawer...
  2. Aaron Wasson

    For Sale: National Luna Portable Power Pack

    Selling my good condition National Luna Portable Power Pack. Was installed in a Tacoma, and Ive recently moved to a 4Runner. Asking $300 + shipping (box still has a good battery in it. If you live near STL, Ill sell both together for $450) Included all parts (other than the cabling): Power...
  3. Aaron Wasson

    National Luna Portable Powerpack - St Louis

    I’m selling my National Luna Portable Powerpack to start financing a front battery system to better fit my needs. Battery has been stored in a tool box and has saved me a time or two when my main battery died. Selling with the battery as it won’t fit my new system. I’m currently located in St...
  4. Aaron Wasson

    Sheets for ARB Simpson 3

    Anyone have a general idea on the size of sheets that would fit the pad on an ARB Simpson 3? Ive done some searching and I'm not coming up with much.
  5. Aaron Wasson

    HF Assistance

    I'm checking to see if there is anyone outside of Texas that would be interested in helping me with my HF rig. I have no trouble with PSK and Winmor, but I can't tell if anyone can actually hear me. I can do everything up to 80m. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Aaron Wasson

    Overland Expo 2014 Pictures

    I changed my tickets to East this year, so I didn't get to go. Anyone have their pictures ready? Im jonesing to see them!
  7. Aaron Wasson

    WTB: Roof Top Tent TX

    I'm looking to pick up a good condition roof top tent from someone around Texas. I live down in Houston, but am willing to drive if necessary. Thanks!
  8. Aaron Wasson

    2004 Land Rover Discovery 2 SE7

    Im more of a lurker on EXPO than a poster, but Ive decided to put my Rover up for sale so that I can look at getting a Tacoma. It took me some time to actually find this vehicle when I started looking. Everything on it works and the headliner is still attached! Kinda hard to say that when it...