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    Superwinch closes business

    Just found out about this yesterday. Looks like Superwinch has gone out of business. (Edit: as mentioned by others not exactly "going out of business" but more of a buyout.) Westin Automotive Products looks to be taking over a portion of the products and plans to continue using the Superwinch...
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    TEPUI Hybox Announced!

    Multi-purpose Hardshell roof tent and cargo box. Pre-orders are open now!
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    Tepui Travel Cover UPCYCLE Program

    Check this out! Got an old travel cover that needs replacing? What are you gonna do with the old one? Just toss it in the trash? Don't do it! Do something small to help the environment by not throwing it in the trash and get a cool new product from your old cover...
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    Tepui Accessories sale starts today!

    Now through Sept 3.
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    TEPUIFEST 2018 - Registration is open!

    October 12-14, 2018 @ Hollister Hills, CA Use the link below to register and get tickets! More info and photos from past years located here
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    Tepui 15% Off Sale

    Memorial Day Sale - 15% off on all Tepui Tents Tepui_MemDaySale by Adam Tolman, on Flickr
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    Tepui in CANADA!

    Hey Canada! Tepui has some great news for you! Today Tepui announced that launch of This new website and distribution center will allow customers to order direct from Canada! Check out the new site at canada by Adam Tolman, on Flickr
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    Tepui Ruggedized XL Canopy

    I just upgraded the canopy on my Tepui Kukenam XL Ruggedized to the newest version with the zipper gimp etc. This meant pulling off the Ruggedized canopy that's been on the tent. This is a non-zipper-gimp canopy and it's a non-sky model. It's still in excellent condition, I'd say 9/10. No...
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    Tepui at Sportsmans Expo in Salt Lake City 3/15-3/17

    Tepui will have a booth at the Internation Sportsmans Expo this coming weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. Come stop by and check out the latest and greatest and talk to Tepui staff if you have questions about Tepui products.
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    Tepui - New Website - New Contest

    Tepui went live this morning with their new branding which includes a new logo, new website and a new contest that some lucky winners will undoubtedly enjoy. Go check out to see the new look and some new products too. As part of the Tepui - year of endless adventure for...
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    Tepui - NEW Custom fit Sleeping bags

    Tepui's new Deluxe Custom Fit Sleeping Bag will keep you warm and comfortable on your next adventure! Best of all they fit perfectly to the size of your tent. Our sleeping bags have a soft flannel lining and an oversized hood. The rectangular design allows for natural movement while sleeping...
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    Tepui Looking to sponsor overland trip to South America.

    If you or anyone you know is planning a trip to South America, take a look at this offer from Tepui.!
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    St George to Moab

    I'm putting a route together for a longer trip with a group later this spring that covers a lot of ground in Southern Utah, but we might include some in Arizona as well along the North Rim. Two of my brothers in law and one of their brothers joined me this past weekend to do a bit of...
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    COMEUP WINCH to the South Pole again ---- this time on a Tractor!!!

    Here's a real adventure story! Not your typical expedition vehicle. . "Manon Ossevoort has set an extreme World record: she’s the first woman to travel from the village where she was born (Netherlands, EU) all the way to the South Pole… by tractor. Over 38.000 kilometers she’s covered from...
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    TepuiFest 2016

    This happened a couple weekends ago and I'm finally getting a chance to share some photos. Best turnout so far for the event, with awesome food, wine tasting, live music, yoga, games and of course plenty of wheeling in Hollister. . . . . . . .
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    Box Rocket 1980 1st Gen Hilux

    I will say right up front that this will likely be a much slower build than any of my previous ones. Mainly because this truck is for my son and he's playing a major role in the work including the money side of the mods. All that said, I'm excited for it. I've always loved the 1st gen Hilux...
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    Tepui Baja Series Roof Top Tent

    More market leading innovation from Tepui Tents! . Official Press release! . Tepui Tents Launches Versatile, Lightweight Baja Series of Rooftop Tents at 2016 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market . SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (August 1, 2016) — Tepui Tents, a leading innovator of rooftop tents and shelters...
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    NEW PRODUCT! Tepui Power Pack

    More innovation from Tepui Tents. Coming soon is the new Power Pack solar panel system. . The Tepui Power Package is the first fully integrated solar solution for your Tepui roof top tent. Powered by Goal Zero, the Tepui Power Package allows you to...
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    NEW PRODUCT! Tepui Power Pack!

    More innovation from Tepui Tents! Coming soon is the new Power Pack solar panel system! . The Tepui Power Package is the first fully integrated solar solution for your Tepui roof top tent. Powered by Goal Zero, the Tepui Power Package allows you to...
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    Official Tepui Tents Hardshell Tent Kickstarter!

    On Wednesday, June 29 at 10am, Tepui Tents will officially launch our Kickstarter campaign for project “White Lightning,” our first hard shell tent ever, which we previewed at Overland Expo last month. The excitement has been crazy with everyone asking how to get one. This is it! least for...