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    New Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rooftop Camper Hits the Market

    For what it's worth their was a picture of the Alibaba one on American adventurist that I asked about. The guy who posted it said it was low quality and he was 100% sure it would leak.
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    Personally I appreciate the effort of at least giving people a choice. I don't want an electric car due to range but I do like the idea of electric around town, mostly to limit stops at the gas station. The government will mandate electric at some point, if this version of a hybrid allows me to...
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    I love this idea and wish I had the time/resources to pursue it. I love my Ursa Minor but I have always wanted something more modular. Maybe next year after I return from deployment. I hope you find a way to do the project and can show the progress here.
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    Jeep JKU Unlimited 4 Door Springtail Solutions MPAC Rear Seat Delete/Platform

    Can you do partial deleted with this, i.e. leave 1/3 seat behind driver in place?
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    Jeep Gladiator Camper Options

    This is on gladiator forum: I think he is trying to do the same thing. This guy did something similar for different reasons: I think it would be awesome/probably force me into buying a gladiator if someone can...
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    Received the 3 part container (thanks again for the link) and it works but not quite as well as I was hoping for. Didn't want to bog down your thread so I created a separate thread and would be interested any ideas you might have. Thanks, Joe. Can you make a electric travel cooler out of a...
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    Can you make a electric travel cooler out of a Mermite food container?

    I have used one of these: Koolatron Slim Compact P20 Thermoelectric Iceless 12V Cooler Warmer, 17L / 18 Quart Capacity, For Camping, Travel, Truck, SUV, Car, Boat, RV, Trailer, Tailgating, Made in North America: Automotive for ~10 years and it has been great when I have pre cooled...
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    Perfect, thanks! I have never seen those before.
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    I would personally love a jerry can shaped cooler, that with your cover would free up some space + make my camping life super convenient.
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    I have used air lift airbags with pretty good success
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    Jku camper hardrop

    I think most ideas outpriced the market leading to low demand. That and Ursa Minor came in and has cornered the market with a excellent product that fits the bill.
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    I have a harbor freight trailer that flips up if not attached to the vehicle, would be useful for that too.
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    Where did you source the quick disconnect from?
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    JK130 | Custom TDI Diesel Parallel Hybrid Jeep Wrangler with composite camper build.

    I might be interested in the seats, what part of Florida?
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    JK130 | Custom TDI Diesel Parallel Hybrid Jeep Wrangler with composite camper build.

    #1 awesome idea, 2 do you have anymore info, pics or how to on the rear seats? Looks like a good idea for third row seats in a wrangler unlimited.
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    Stay 4runner or go back to Jeep...

    I would wait until the kid is a couple of years old. You are probably not going to be topless near as much when they are young and in a couple of years a used JLU will be a little cheaper. Also rear facing child seats take up a lot of space, I dont know about the 4runner but it is tight in the...
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    Thoughts on registration and new diesel laws in California

    You would have to look at current laws but I believe in California, as long as the emissions are intact, it is the engine that came in the vehicle, it is over a certain number of miles and it passes their Diesel smog check you shouldn't have any issues.
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    Cell Booster options

    Do a search for weboost on here. I bought one and I go from having no signal to multiple bars. Very happy with it.
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    Found this on the wrangler forum. According to the forum it is listed in the owners manual between pg 20 - 25 depending on year. Mine was through the EVIC so was pretty easy. Sound Horn On Lock This feature will cause the horn to chirp when the doors are locked with the RKE transmitter. This...
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    There is a setting in the menu for horn and lights with starting I am pretty sure. I have a 2012 with remote start and it definitely does not honk when I start it, I played with all the settings when I bought it so I don't remember how I did it but it can be done.