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    Portable camp fire grates...?

    Been doing a decent amount of glamping (trailer) with the family recently and not as much with the roof top tent. Last time at camp site the fire rings were really tall and the holes in the side where about half way up instead of near the ground... that combined with lots of ash at the bottom...
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    Overland expo

    I am debating on going to overland expo west 2018. It is about 7 to 8 hour drive from me. So its not just around the corner. I am wanting to be able to first hand see vehicle setups and different gear and talk with people with familys and see how they are making camping work. I have always been...
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    Solar under the front windshield

    Looking at doing some solar panels and have read some reviews of people putting small 7 -20 watt solar panels on their dash and showing .75 V drop difference from on the dash to in full sunlight. Has anyone tested this with larger panels? Or can you? I am debating on getting a flat foldable...
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    Just battery be fine?

    I have a 05 4runner and wired 8ga from battery fused to the back storage area and recently picked up a 50qt indel b. My stock lead acid battery 24f just took a crap. I have not run the fridge in the truck yet. My commute to work is 35 min each way so 2 times a day and it usually sits on my...
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    Deal of the day gz400

    On amazon the goal zero yeti 400 is on sale for $300 marked down from $469... For today only.. Was stoked until i read reviews and realized it wont suit my needs to run my indel b 51qt very long if you only go down to 50% charge.. Figure id pass it down
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    New style arb fridge wiring

    I picked up a indel b 51qt for a good price. I have been looking at wiring it up. The new arb wiring harness claims to be 8g wire and has a 2 prong screw type connector. I have been debating on getting the wiring harness and the actual arb wire from fridge to the outlet so i can lock in and...
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    Fridge wiring in 05 4runner

    Just got in on a group buy to get me into the fridge game and out of the coolers with ice. Picked up a indel b tb51. It will most likely only be in the vehicle and on for trips. I am thinking of just doing the 1 large group 31m agm battery and then wiring some 8ga back to rear driverside...
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    Mobile or handheld

    I am currently studying off and on for my tech license. I would like to get a setup to start listening in until then. I am in a work vehicle passenger side most of the week but can not install anything in the vehicle... has to be easily removable. I am eventually going to get a yaesu 8900r set...
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    Any new info on tred pros

    I have been searching the internet for several months and for the life of me can not find any reviews of the tred pros or anyone that has put them through the paces. .. do they bend similar to maxtrax and not seperate where the harder lugs are formed in? Are the harder lugs holding up under...
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    4x4 van ex communication center

    4x4 van pretty cool
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    Trailer bed idea

    Got a 05 4runner with the v6. Been thinking alot recently on building an expo trailer for family camping.2 adults 2 very young kids and a large dog. I keep going back and forth of using a same generation/ year 6ft tacoma bed or getting a full size utility box bed 6 or 8ft and cutting it down...
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    Quick removal cb setup?

    I got a really good deal on a bearcat 980ssb cb radio. I plan on using my 4runner for most expedition/offroad trips but the wife will be getting a larger suv in the next year or so. On the not so offroad heavy trips we will use her new rig for the road trips Is it easily feasible to run the cb...