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    Why use a RTT?

    Wet sand is the reason that we now own an RTT. We we took our sailboat to a race in Michigan a few years ago and the venue had campsites on the beach. The first day got rained out, which resulted and in a very unpleasant night in a ground tent. I really struggled with deciding between the RTT...
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    white gas(coleman fuel)=unleaded fuel

    Ditto. My parents gave me their old Coleman a couple years ago and it fired right up, with a tank fuel from 1998. Hands down the best thing ever for car camping. I'm the other way around though; I had a bad canister that leaked after it had been unscrewed and quit using them in favor of white...
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    Family vehicle Toyota vs Jeep

    At least you have the DCSB. My wife has a bad case of baby fever, after a couple of visits with our new nephew, so my Access Cab Tacoma's days are numbered.......
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    Subaru Forester: Towing --- CVT or 6-sp?

    Oh, you should be fine with either. I used to have a Jeep Patriot, which as far as I’m cocerned is the closest the big three have come to a Subaru, and it pulled my boat like it was nothing (never weighed it, but I estimate 1000 lbs for the loaded trailer). Reverse was a bad experience becaus...
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    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    I'm tired of carrying my stoves in the back seat and usually travel too light for a full on chuckbox, not to mention getting one out from under my low profile bed rack would be a pain. I scored a really nice sheet of 3/8" plywood, from a shipping crate that showed up at work, so I'm looking for...
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    Subaru Forester: Towing --- CVT or 6-sp?

    We have some friends, who own a CVT Forrester, and I don't know if I'd want to pull 1500 lbs behind it on a regular basis, but would hitch 500-800 lbs up to it in an instant. I've always found that it's best to get a vehicle with at least 25% more towing capacity than what what you'll be...
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    What are you using for a coffee maker and coffee brand when camping/overlanding?

    Costco coffee made with a Melitta pour over and poudered cream. We boil the water on the Coleman stove. I recently discovered Cafe Du Monde w/chicory”, while we were in Louisiana, and it happens to be the only coffee that I enjoy drinking black.
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    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    I still haven't found a 500 that I could justify the $$ on, but I have acquired a couple more items. I'm up to a 220F, 288, 425, 413G..........The 220F lantern tries to burn the garage down every time I test fire it, but everything else is running great.
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    FT-AC as possible FJ Successor?

    At first glace I thought the roof looked like removable panels, like the ones on the renegade, but maybe not. The roof panels on the Renegade are pretty sweet, but it’s too small. I’d love to see a similar concept make its way to the Crosstrek or whatever becomes of the FT-AC
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    Minimalist Lightweight Gear ... who else aims for less?

    I’m slowly beginning to consider a more lightweight approach. Or at least ditching the RTT in favor of a cap on the back of the the truck. The Coleman stove is non negotiable.
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    RTT to ground tent any regrets or vice versa

    We started with a ground tent and it was great, until we went to a sailing event in Michigan and decided to camp on the beach. It rained hard for two days and we had to bury logs to steak it out.......Wet sand everywhere. Our friends were 100 yards away in their nice warm motor homes and...
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    Let’s talk luggage

    Interior space is limitied in a pickup, so all of the the gear gets piled under the RTT when we are traveling with the dog. I’ve been putting our old gym bags in hefty trash bags, which also seems to be a good theft deterrent, but it’s time to class it up a little. NorthFace and Yeti both...
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    Post your camping / gear lists!

    I had created a separate thread, then I found this, so it's moved :) I was planning an epic chuck box build, but my wife (aka the CFO and voice of reason) pointed out that the last couple trips were overly complicated because I took too much gear. The little 2.7L Tacoma does double duty as my...
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    1986 GMC S-15

    Great looking truck! I used to have86 Jeep Comanche that had the GM 2.8 as well. Super easy to work on and pretty reliable, but the carburetor was always finicky....I may have kept it if I’d known the S-15 had a fuel injection system on the same engine.
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    Recommendations for Stand Up Paddle Board?

    My wife and I recently picked up a pair of Bic Sport Duratecs. They aren't the lightest boards at 35lbs, but they're still lighter than the el-cheapo department store boards (~50lbs) and very durable. We have several lakes nearby and probably should have gone with longer boards, but the 9'10"...
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    Will I regret Michelin at2's in BC?

    I have a set of the AT2s on my Tacoma. They seem to do ok on two track roadd and some light mud, but I've honestly not tried them in any winter conditions.
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    Tacoma Payload VS Clutch life

    I've been driving a manual transmission for close to 15 years and have only replaced one clutch, and only because the dealership suggested that I go ahead and do it while the transmission was in pieces for a warranty issue. Prior to the Tacoma, all of my standard vehicles had been strictly...
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    Colorado diesel narrowly beats Tacoma in head to head comparison

    Right there with you on that. The 5 speed in my 2015 Tacoma was very frustrating for me at first and my wife still can't get it out of the driveway without stalling 4 times. I'm willing to pay a little extra to stay in the midsize segment, just because the size is easier for me to manage in...
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    2011 Ford Focus. Building a better traveling vehicle (Small Budget build).

    Not to mention it'll come in handy if you ever have to pickup mulch or furniture! And as the budget grows you could even mount an RTT on top. My wife's uncle has a pop up and really likes it, but it seems to be pretty maintenance intensive. I'd rather be able to replace individual components...
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    2011 Ford Focus. Building a better traveling vehicle (Small Budget build).

    I used to tow with a focus and it wasn't terrible and still got decent gas milage yanking my boat around. I can't say for certain that the towing was the root cause, but the rear struts and transmission were toast after 5 years. Have you considered a small utility trailer to hail a large ground...