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  1. T.Low

    VID; All Terrain Power wheel chair day trip

    got my new chair out for its second run . been way too long w/no backwoods, nice to roll the old stomping grounds . since operating the chair is less struggle than typing this, heers the vid
  2. T.Low

    A tale of two vans' travels: Over 25 trips together

    Railvan Brian Rutherford and I met 7 years ago on Expo, introduced on the forum by Craig Miller of NorthWestOverlandsociety. Turns out we live three blocks away from each other and work two blocks away. Since meeting we have done over 25 trips together. We've come to know each other so well...
  3. T.Low

    Naches Wagon Trail to WABDR

    My buddy Keith and I (stock '14 FJC and my Astro ) went to lunch the other day at XXX Root Beer, you know, the one next to Das Mule Overland Outfitters, and decided to do the Naches Wagon Trail then find our way over to a section of the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route. We hit the...
  4. T.Low

    Astro and SMB scratch the surface around Moab

    Last minute trip. Cindy, the videographer, is a ************ on a mtn bike but has no 4wd experience, hence the commentary. :Wow1: Luv yu, Cindy!
  5. T.Low

    Just a little family tour, mostly paved

    Just got around to putting pics on photobucket and thought what the heck, it's been a while since I posted anything, and it was an interesting trip even though the 4x was limited to one afternoon. Bonus pics of a home built Mercedes 4x4 camper from England that some of you may recognize. I...
  6. T.Low

    Possible Expoordition van or budget project?

    Not affiliated, especially with the paint scheme.:sombrero: Yes it's only two wheel drive and this is actually titled 4x4 camper van thread... 70k miles, Chinook camper conversion Astro for under $3k. Solid axle swap via Craigslist, crossmember and tcase and away you go.:smiley_drive...
  7. T.Low

    1977 Toyota Chinook 2wd

    NOT AFFILIATED; just wanted to help out any fellow members that may be looking for such a rare unit. Could be a good candidate for a 4x4 conversion. 66,000 miles, $9,999. (Have no idea what the value is on one of these.) I drove by it yesterday at my local rv shop. Looks real good. Body...
  8. T.Low

    need pic of RTT mtd high up on pick up

    Not sure where to put this thread. After wasting a significant portion of my work day looking, i thought I'd ask the Google FuMasters at Expo for help. My buddy is looking at vehicles and I know what he needs and he will to as soon as he sees what I am talking about.:ylsmoke: We ride moutain...
  9. T.Low

    phone video tech support help, please

    My bro in law videoed me with his new phone. We can't seem to rotate it right side up. I know this is going to turn into an excercise in tech humiliation when you all start asking me the basics of what I have and what we used and i reply with...:Wow1: Should I just forget about it? I mean the...
  10. T.Low

    Found something I don't like about my GasGas

    Eventually, the oil light goes on...:(
  11. T.Low

    Sweet '77 4x4 Chev van 4 sale

    Not affiliated, but i have seen it around town for the last 10 yrs or so. Solid. Looks great, like its well maintained. Sorry I can't save and paste the pics, I'm on my work lap top.
  12. T.Low

    Recommend best places to basecamp in Baja and ride loops

    We are planning to go to Baja in the fall, probably to watch some of the 1000 race, then base camp and ride loops. We will probably move base camp a few times. We have midsized dual sports; three of us with a DRZ 400, a GasGas fse450, and a Husaberg fe550. The GG and the 'berg are definitely...
  13. T.Low

    Helmet cam Videos of our area: add yours

    Last fall Sinue posted about his new single track slaying 530 KTM and R. Lebrve replied with a link to some fast single track video, if I recall correctly. All that got me thinking about sharing some vids of our area. While I still haven't gotten a helmet cam, I thought I'd share a link to a...
  14. T.Low

    What about the GM 8.1 Vortec?

    Found a 1 ton rig I like. Price is good, private party seller, custom set up is perfect for me, and rare, and expensive to duplicate, original owner that I do not know personally. It has a stock original '02 8.1 liter Vortec in it at 91,000 miles. I have no experience with this rig, and my...
  15. T.Low

    Missing motorcyclist

    Just came across this on ADVenture Rider (cross posted from Pashnit of which I am not a member) and the only thing I can do to help is cross post to Expo. I really hope this turns out to be nothing more than a guy wanting to ride and he's ok, but family says he's "missing" and thats enough for...
  16. T.Low

    Port Orchard Astro guy

    Last week I received three different inquiries for information on my 4x4 Astro pop top build. Between emails and PMs on Expo, PNBA, and NWOS, somehow I deleted the one from the guy in Port Orchard and can't for the life of me remember which site you were on. Sorry. If you see this, email me and...
  17. T.Low

    A Gasgas & a Husaberg: My 1st ride in 30 yrs

    For a few years my wife's family has taken a week long holiday at Whistler BC. I would commandeer a friend's downhill mountain bike so my dirtbiking brother in law could ride the chairlift section of the mountain with me ( he refuses to pedal). This year he returned the favor as we went to Lake...
  18. T.Low

    WTB: 31" 16 MTs

    Not sure where my van height is going to end up after SAS next winter. in the mean time, I'm keeping an eye out for a good deal on used 31" MT's for a 16" wheel for the rest of this season and into the fall till project time. Emphasis on "good deal". Preferably enough tread left to make it worth...
  19. T.Low

    lifted '96 Ford 4x4 intervec camper conversion FS

    not affiliated in any way, just found it while surfing a white water forum. Similar to Sence's Boomer but a '96. 114k miles, Gas, asking $16k.
  20. T.Low

    Off road day trip in BC

    Got out this weekend with a new lifted Tacoma, Jedd. On the advice of JFarsang, we explored Vedder Mountain in lower BC. Thanks J. I'll be back soon with mountain bike and white water boat. It was one of those perfect outings where you explore some limits of your rig without suffering any...