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    Thoughts on Airstream Base Camp as Overland camper?

    I'd put the 18' Oliver on your list as well. Sturdier and better clearance than the Basecamp. Don't know what the wait times are right now, but occasionally you can luck up on a used one.
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    Nature’s Head dealer

    lol, true. The Air Head does look like a nice alternative though - I wasn't aware of them when we got ours. I should say also that I was never able to get the right mix with coco coir and it always seemed too wet and made the handle hard to turn. We ended up switching to peat, which is much...
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    Nature’s Head dealer

    We have a nature's head in a wet bath and have had no issues.
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    Are Alu-Box bear proof ?

    Bears carry can openers on their paws, so, no. It's interesting that only two specific zarges boxes are certified. I wonder if that's all they submitted, or all that passed. I wish the IGBC would publish a list of boxes/coolers that failed the bear test. I know a bear would have a hard...
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    Digital Torque Wrench Recommendations

    Cool - hope you enjoy it. I have both the ½ and ⅜ and have never had any trouble on either recognizing the click. Super easy to set, reliable and sturdy. It's an especially good choice if you only use torque wrenches sporadically because you don't have to worry when you pull it out of a...
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    Digital Torque Wrench Recommendations

    Well, I don't think you know what you want. First you want the best digital you can find for your budget, then you buy a cheapy clicker, then you pretend you just bought that on a lark, and that you need something super accurate, then you say you don't care about accuracy and only care about...
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    Digital Torque Wrench Recommendations

    Here's the salient point that you missed: you've been given good advice that you won't take.
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    Digital Torque Wrench Recommendations

    Is there a missing part of that article? I don't see where they actually compare the different wrenches.
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    Digital Torque Wrench Recommendations

    Gotta love a thread that begins with asking for an equivalent to a $600 digital Snap On, and ends with 'Thanks all, but I got a sweet $9.95 deal in the parking lot of a Harbor Freight'.
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    Leaving OZ Tent unattended

    In campgrounds, it's mostly little stuff that will get stolen. Too many eyes and too much of a chance that you'll be driving in any minute for someone to try to steal something big like a tent. On the contrary, I've known people with rooftop tents who would completely dismantle their campsite...
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    Digital Torque Wrench Recommendations

    No, but Snap On rebrands those same wrenches and charges $400 for them. In your price range, those are the best torque wrenches you can buy.
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    group buy on ikamper hardside rooftop tents

    I haven't seen much in the way of reviews for the iKamper, other than the initial gee-whiz press reviews. They don't get a ton of activity on their forum, and we don't see much mention of them here either, so I wonder exactly how many there are out there. One thing that turned me off about...
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    Anyone here right angle'd their Partner Steel Stove gas input?

    Call Partner Steel. They're really good about making up custom bits. Will likely cost more than having something made locally but it will save you a lot of effort and you'll know it will be done right.
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    EPIC Equipt Warehouse Sale! (Thread 1)

    LOL, if you're serious, I'll do it. I've been putting off a fridge purchase for a couple months hoping for a deal.
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    EPIC Equipt Warehouse Sale! (Thread 1)

    Throw a 60L fridge in the pile while your at it. With a cover and mounting plate, if you don't mind.
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    Poll: Storage Case - Durability vs. Weight?

    Durability is the most important for me. If you buy reasonably sized containers, weight really isn't an issue for loading and unloading, and as far as total weight on the truck goes, well, what little I'd save in the weight of a box doesn't mean much relative to what's in it. The other...
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    Jerry cans for fuel

    Beware the ones so cheap that they don't even have a recess for the seam. All the $30 ones on Amazon are like that. They won't fit in most carriers and and will turn into a metal ball when the fuel expands.
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    Recovery Equipment Recommendations

    Here's my list in order of importance - 1. Cell phone and credit card. These two items will get you out of almost any jam in the continental US. 2. A decent go-bag kitted with what you'd need to keep you safe for a night or two when your recovery efforts fail. First aid, water, etc. 3...
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    Zarges boxes for broke people?

    Anyone have experience with the boxes from Deutsche Optik?
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    Kimberly financial restructure ?

    That's a curious mention of the ex-wife in that article. I wonder if the restructure is part of a divorce tactic.