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    Lets talk shovels

    Im in the market for a new shovel for our RamCruiser. In the past I have used a 30" shovel (pictured) with our Land Cruiser and 99.9% of the time its for pooping or leveling the truck. Thinking because the shovel is for a full size 8000# plus camper vehicle I might want to consider upgrading...
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    RamCruiser...the build

    For the past several years I have and will continue to rock my purpose built Land Cruiser 80 series. Fast forward to today - For more extended travel we have spent the last couple years looking and testing cabin trucks. I asked Ms LCP what are the 4 minimun needs for the build. 1) - A...
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    Gullwing Windows

    Land Cruiser 80 series I find Gullwing Windows a no-brainer for Adventure travel even without swing outs. Gullwing testing this past weekend. Passed Lab approved
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    Bidirectional low voltage disconnect switch - source

    Hi All , Looking for a battery bidirectional LV disconnect switch. Not sure if its the correct term but Im looking for a switch that will separate due to a LV condition but when either side see correct voltage the switch connects.
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    Looking for custom sized storage basket/bins

    I'm looking for someone who makes storage bins both open and closed tops in custom sizes. They need to be non-collapsible, semi-rigid, made from fabric or canvas. Currently, I'm using cardboard boxes and looking to upgrade now that my sizes have been established. If there is a better place to...
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    No Loss valve caps

    Never loose your valve caps again. Click here to purchase ► FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA These are for brass valve stems. If you have TPMS you must use plastic caps due to dissimilar metals. We also stock at the...
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    ►FOR SALE◄ Morningstar ProStar PS-30M * Solar Charge Controller*

    Im selling my lightly used MoringStar ProStar Solar Charge Controller Model PS-30M • Excellent working condition • Not a Chinese knock off genuine MorningStar Manual - MorningStars...
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    *SOLD* ► Set of 4 Original Staun Deflators◄ Used

    *SOLD* Set of 4 Original Staun Deflators Used Real Stauns not worthless copies Screw on deflators start your drive. Stop after ~5 minutes remove deflators and you are aired down.(y) Shipped free in the USA :cool: $55.55
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    Lets talk about camp lights

    Im not a big fan of a bunch of lights on when I camp. I mostly use a headlamp and red light when light is needed otherwise I like no light. Most of my travels are solo and I enjoy full moons or close for camps with no light. Picture shot at night
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    FS - 80 series Land Cruiser Sway bar disconnects - Front

    A set of Land Cruiser 80 series Sway bar disconnects. Everything you need, installs in about 1/2 hour with basic hand tools. Disconnected you will get smoother articulation along with a 15% gain in articulation. Cost $88 includes free shipping in the USA. Worldwide shipping available.
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    Feed up with your crappy 80 series battery mount? I have a fix

    What was Toyota thinking with the crappy FJ80 battery hold down. :rolleyes: When the factory J hooks tear the box (and they will) the battery hold down bracket comes loose sparks will fly as the hold down bar shorts across the terminals. Worst case it starts a fire and your 80 series gone. One...
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    80 Series Panhard Riser Bracket for lifted trucks

    Depending on your lift I found by raising the panhard mount I benefited in several ways with no need for an adjustable rear panhard. My axle is now perfectly centered (with ~3" lift) Raised my rolling axis for better handling Significantly minimized the side to side movement of the rear axle...
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    Scheel-Mann Orthopedic Automotive seats - New

    SOLD SOLD For Sale - Set of Scheel-Mann Orthopedic Automotive seats. New only installed using existing mounts for a trade show. These are top of the line for Scheel-Mann with optional heaters and arm rests. Vario Seat | scheel-mann Scheel-Mann Vario F seats in S111 Black Leatherette with...
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    Anyone else hear with a Safari turbo charged 80 series

    Looking for others 80/LX owner with a Safari Turbo Charged 80 series to share info. Post up or PM me
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    SOLD AZ - White LX450 Lockers F&R 100% Original 100% Baselined Unmolested

    Sold in under 8 hours:wings: Clickable link ► $9876.00
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    AZ White LX450 Lockers F&R 100% Original 100% Baselined Unmolested
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    Land Cruiser shirts

    Land Cruiser because everything else sucks shirts now available. All size in stock Click here to order ►
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    Land Cruiser 80 series power upgrade Group 31 install and Optima content

    I have been running dual Optima Blue tops wire together for the last ~7 years. I know there is lot of hate on Optima's but I have abused my Optima's and they have performed excellent and there time in service speaks loudly. Only one of my blue top died the other is still going but because my...
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    100 series Tan interior color match - Spray can

    Looking for a spray can color match for tan interiors, what do you use? For the gray interior I have found a very nice match to share. Match is closer than the picture show.
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    Bug screens window socks for 80 & 100 series

    Fit the 100 series very nice and a little baggy on the 80 series but effective. Makes sleeping inside more comfortable and nice to shade but provide fresh air for your fridge or pets. Hard to detect if window is open or closed with screens. Bug screens window sock for 80 & 100 series