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    Tow Bar vehicle recovery is dangerous!

    60+mph for a couple of 100 miles no problem
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    LX470 PPI Issues - One time fixes or longer term?

    Im using an air hammer with a short piece of hose to keep from sliding off the stud....quick and easy.
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    LX470 PPI Issues - One time fixes or longer term?

    the bearing should good unless no maintains. Im on originals with 200k Cone washer removed on my LX470 the easy way
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    Goose - Our Poptop FZJ80

    Short block any dealership no issue ~$4500. No long block available to my knowledge.
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    Goose - Our Poptop FZJ80

    Why not a new factory short block?
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    Go Fast Campers ripoff

    ▲▲JOKE of the day▲▲
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    How Annoying is a Backseat Fridge?

    I find the need to "climb in" to get stuff out of the fridge is a PIA. I have had fridges overheat in closed cabins more than once in the Arizona heat. Even with my fridges in the back seat I always leave the fridge window open.
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    Wilson Sleek and Trucker Antenna

    I run 2 Weboost systems a Reach using the truckers antenna on the front corner and a Sleek using the 4" mag mount in the center of the hood. Personally I dont see a big performance difference if any but they both make a difference without question.
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    Go Fast Campers ripoff

    It was pointed out earlier when gfc did not deliver on the agreed date they breached the agreement. In no way are they entitled to a restocking fee. Go public and file in small claims court against gfc. Refunding the $200 will look really appealing to gcf with the time wasted over an unfair stand.
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    DC Electric Water Heater with Heat Exchanger

    Performance-wise its a working unit and 1 gal of 190° water goes a long way. The mounting and me taking the time to finalize details is all needed. Testing shows ~1.5° per minute - Take 70° ambient water and in 20 minutes you have 100° using ~15 amps. It will be 100% SS so Im not sure if an...
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    DC Electric Water Heater with Heat Exchanger

    Wattage does not change with voltage meaning a 12v 500watt element will perform the same as a 120v 500watt element.
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    Awning verses an ez up

    I use an awning and because it takes LESS than a minute solo to set up it gets used a lot. Only if you spend a lot of your time in one spot would I consider a popup.
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    Tire pressures - LT / Load E

    Everything you want to know about correct street pressure.
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    looking for a GPS tablet

    I went with Apple because it was the only screen I could see well while wearing my sunglasses. AS for software, I think it depends on your needs. I run several mapping software apps because each offers something a little different.
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    How Much Worst is an 80 in an Emergency Maneuver (swerve) than a 100?

    Good eye but the question mark was incorrect on my part. Very happy for your positive experience but the facts show you are not the norm. Tons of research on the subject that does not agree with you. IIRC the insurance industry claims a 30% increase in accidents with RHD vehicles in the USA...
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    About to buy a flatbed FWC Hawk/Norweld rig -- need advice on off-road capability? Concerned with height and rollover due to COG

    Angle has not been a limiting factor for my travel in a full size FWC. The concern for me with higher COG is the weight transfer, it's what gets you in trouble. For most your butt meter will cover any static angle in a full size. For me, I go for control by speed and enjoy the rise in heart...