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  1. Jb1rd

    2008 Sprinter 170 HR Ready for work or play

    Here is the link to my Sprinter, thanks for looking and please contact me via the info on the ad as I do not check this account very often.
  2. Jb1rd

    Upgrading from Aluminess tire carrier to full bumper????

    Ok all, I know I am all over the place with selling, not selling my van but it is my life at the moment, literally changing all the time. I am just going to keep plugging away on the projects that will get me where I want to go or at the very least be an asset for selling later. Sooooooooo, my...
  3. Jb1rd

    Van guy goes Rogue or Landy whichever you can chose!f

    Hi all, been on this forum for awhile but usually over in the van section and a little in the Toyota section, however, my wife and I are looking at buying land in her home country of Colombia and every time we go I threaten to buy on of the cool old Land Rover Santanas I see all over the place...
  4. Jb1rd

    Replacing the factory frame mounted battery?

    Hi all, I am ready to replace the battery on the frame rail but have a question, I know I am supposed to replace with the equivalent of what is under the hood, my question is this, can I use an Optima Yellow Top down there, I have a Red Top for my starter in the engine bay? I ask about the YT...
  5. Jb1rd

    Dual Alternator Setup??

    Thanks to the ever wise and helpful 1DER I found out that my rig has a factory dual alternator setup, what are the advantages of this going forward? I removed the frame mounted box and aux battery because it was DEAD, like the original battery from the factory DEAD and was going to replace with...
  6. Jb1rd

    Rewiring headlights to ignition switch?

    Has anyone rewired their headlights so that they turn off/on with the ignition? I damn near stranded myself when I left them on unknowingly, it's hard/impossible to tell that they are on in the daylight and I am accustomed to lights that turn off with the key or by themselves.
  7. Jb1rd

    LED vs HID

    Pulling the trigger today on headlights and would like real world feedback on your experience with either a HID or LED headlight upgrade. I have narrowed down to; Vantage Optics:!/7x6-Sealed-Beam-Projector-Retrofit-Kit/p/71993086/category%3D0 and Trucklite...
  8. Jb1rd

    (DIY) Builder Burnout

    How do you combat burnout? I am soooooooo sick of my van at the moment, I know it will pass but daaaaaaamn does it suck!! In an effort to not make more useless attempts at designing a layout/build sheet I just stopped altogether, now I feel over/underwhelmed all at once. FWP, most definitely...
  9. Jb1rd

    Any van owner that is an ADV Moto rider in need of gear??

    I posted this in the moto section but will offer my van clan a better deal by covering the shipping for you!!! I bought two of these suits while in South America (I am keeping one and passing on the other) because the price was so spectacular and the quality excellent. ADT is a Colombian brand...
  10. Jb1rd


    I bought two of these suits while in South America (I am keeping one and passing on the other) because the price was so spectacular and the quality excellent. ADT is a Colombian brand made by BOSI and recognized as a "higher" brand as they say down there. The size is XL but it fits like a L. I...
  11. Jb1rd

    Raptor Lining

    Has anyone here used this DIY kit? Is it super rough like LineX bed liner or is it a bit smoother? I really like the LineX Body Armour but don't see any place for a DIY kit and to have it sprayed prof is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!!!!
  12. Jb1rd

    Andrew Muse and his adventures!!

    This kid has had a wild ride,(both heart warming and wrenching) peep his YT channel and give him a thumbs up. Chili, you might think someone stole yours or my rig and or we should get all three of them together.
  13. Jb1rd

    Foam sandwich composite cabinets

    Came across these video on YT and though that is was pretty freak'n cool idea for a DIY build out, I hope you do too!!! The van: The method:
  14. Jb1rd

    5.0 Coyote motor in an E series?

    Has anyone looked into swapping in a Coyote as a viable option for replacing the 4.6, 5.4 or V10...
  15. Jb1rd

    Interior build costs...

    After doing a lot of noodling and doodling about how to build out a reasonably priced (read; MODEST) yet professional looking and more importantly functioning interior I have come to the conclusion that it is freaking ridiculously hard and unlikely to accomplish both goals. Looking at SMB...
  16. Jb1rd

    Pre Wiring Questions

    Getting ready to t pre wire my E350 EB and wondering; 1. What gauge wire for Led's? (I want to run simple puck style flush mounts for general lighting and maybe a ribbon style for ambiance) 2. Do I need to run conduit? (If so how many runs per conduit) 3. If you were to do it over, what would...
  17. Jb1rd

    Deavers, worth the $$$$$?????

    Can someone please enlighten me on this topic, I got a quote of $750-800 for custom Alcan rear springs, the quote for Deavers is around $2100 is there really a 3 fold increase in performance or are you paying for a name? The rear springs will be the last component of my suspension and I want to...
  18. Jb1rd

    ADMIN, Wheel & Tire Sticky Please!!!

    I have posted/asked this before with no success, so I will ask again, can we please get a Wheels & Tires Sticky thread please? This is a huge topic and trying to do searches is cumbersome and time consuming. There are so many questions, so many different responses and perspectives it will be...
  19. Jb1rd

    E350 Bug screens

    Anyone have bug screens on their rigs that they love or loath? I fashioned up the best duct tape and door screen temps I could for the trip but they were a total PIA, glad to have had something but a long term solution is going to be necessary. Sports Mobiles offerings look nice but for $450...
  20. Jb1rd

    A forum suggestion; Wheel and Tire Sticky

    Would it be possible to start a sticky thread for wheels and tires? I feel like this is a worthy and often discussed issue, especially to those of us not so long in the tooth in regards to Adv Van Ownership. For instance, I currently have 16" wheels and am wondering if it is necessary to go to...