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  1. ZMagic97

    Is there an "ultimate" tablet for Gaia/GPS?

    Sorry for the delayed reply: and you are correct. That's exactly what I'm saying. It's great. The stereo is the Alpine iLX-W650.
  2. ZMagic97

    Alternative to Dometic Freezers

    I have two fridges/freezer, both of which I really like. First one is an Edgestar FP430. It's very similar to another brand, but I cannot recall which. It's heavy, but heavy duty as well. 43 quart capacity. I recently got another by a company called Aspenora. I found it on Amazon Prime Day...
  3. ZMagic97

    Die Hard Batteries: Are They Really Back?

    Hey all, I recently saw a commercial showing that Die Hard batteries are back on the market, via Advance Auto Parts in lieu of Sears. As a kid in the Midwest, everybody I knew loved Die Hard batteries for the cold winters and hot, humid summers. I had a good run with them myself until I...
  4. ZMagic97

    Starter Comms — What should I get for basic comms to let me start joining group runs, etc?

    I have a midland handheld CB (I never use anymore) when I did group runs. Easy to use, low cost of ownership, and mobile.
  5. ZMagic97

    National Luna Fridge... can I sit on it???

    I don't have a National Luna, but I'm a little over 200lbs and have sat on both my fridges with zero issues. One is metal, the other is mostly plastic like a Coleman cooler. I feel better about sitting on the metal one for sure. Now that I think about it more, that metal one (Edgestar FP430)...
  6. ZMagic97

    My 04 Trailblazer

    Wow, I never knew the 5.3 was offered in the Trailblazer. I supposed I shouldn't be too shocked due to the SS package available. I like the set up so far, especially the light bar. I usually find them to be tacky, but with the roof rack and placement is looks clean.
  7. ZMagic97

    Is there an "ultimate" tablet for Gaia/GPS?

    Are you planning on using it out of the vehicle? If so, how often? I only ask because I simply run it on my iPhone 11 and have an aftermarket touchscreen radio in my truck that displays it. It saves dash space, reduces the extra items to buy, mount, and use (minus the radio of course) and...
  8. ZMagic97

    Last resort fire starter?

    Road flares work great. I keep dryer lint and matches in the truck with a back up lighter as well. I once started a fire with a shotgun shell, pocket knife, sheet of paper, and piece of wire. Cut the shotgun shell open, poured the powder onto the paper, and used the wire to make a spark from...
  9. ZMagic97

    Baofeng UV5R "Builder Brackets"

    Still curious.
  10. ZMagic97

    Sierra Expeditions

    Website says the store is temporary closed for maintenance. About all I can find so far.
  11. ZMagic97

    Sierra Expeditions

    Interesting...I hope they didn't go under.
  12. ZMagic97

    Lift questions for a 2002 gmc sierra.

    I would say your best ride quality is going to be all suspension. What type of travelling/off road type will you encounter? Drive train you currently have? Gears? I have a GMT800 as well (06 Sierra Z71) with a 6" suspension lift and 35s. The height helps with certain areas I've been so I...
  13. ZMagic97

    Baofeng UV5R "Builder Brackets"

    Anyone happen to get one from eBay recently?
  14. ZMagic97

    Gas - Plastic or metal

    I'm huge on the metal cans. I live in the Phoenix area, so high heat kills the plastic and causes swelling, and the metal isn't subject to rust. I currently keep 5 NATO cans in my garage for all the vehicle needs. On my long work weeks, I stop once a week for fuel and refuel midweek at home...
  15. ZMagic97

    Wife doesn’t want to camp with RTT anymore

    My wife doesn't like the RTT idea due to height. We pretty much just gone with a Coleman tent and sleeping bags. I have air mattresses as well. It's simple, but works. But I do miss the mattress padding of an RTT.
  16. ZMagic97

    Who has the oldest, still working 12 volt fridge/freezer?

    I have an Edgestar FP430 that's about 10 years old. It's bounced around a LOT in my ownership and still runs fine. Just got a larger fridge, but the Edgestar has been too good to me to get rid of it.
  17. ZMagic97

    2003 Tahoe Build - Family Overland Rig

    How do you like the 4.10s? I'm still on 3.73s on my 06 Sierra 1500, 6" lift on 35s. I keep hearing "don't fear the gear." I'm thinking of 4.10s, maybe even 4.56s.
  18. ZMagic97

    BFG KM2 problems

    I had 3/4 of my BFGs separate on my 1/2 ton GMC. Almost no towing done with it and mostly pavement used in that time. At 25,000 miles, I was told "that's not bad." Love my Hankooks one 3 different vehicles....haven't had that problem. Or any problems.
  19. ZMagic97

    2006 GMC Sierra Build

    One thing I've noticed I've been lacking in off road adventures is reliable maps and GPS when outside of cellular data range. Gaia has proven to be a great help, but secure phone mounting with appropriate viewing didn't seem doable. I started to think maybe an in dash screen would be easier like...
  20. ZMagic97

    2006 GMC Sierra Build

    An item that was more fun to do was a toolbox in the bed. I had gotten one some time ago from another truck, but found out the style I like (in bed, under the side rails) are too deep for my extra short bed. I had to sell it, and luckily guy a buyer same day. I used the funds to add in this...