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  1. Jdubucsd

    Ujoint 6" 2010 E350 V10 Short Body

    AWESOME V10 you have here. Im putting the finishing touches on my 1995 Type2. 7.3 4wd ambo build. Whats is your type 2 like?
  2. Jdubucsd

    SOLD - 2003 Ford E450 Ambulance / 52,427 Actual Miles / 7.3 Diesel Engine

    Nice. Which charge controller and which Battle born batteries did you use? Sounds like this Ambo build will be stellar
  3. Jdubucsd

    F250, 7.3, 4WD, Phoenix Popup, "Augusta to Argentina" rig, 1.5 hours left to bid, now $30k

    Yes they have. Cool rig. Small fridge. I think the biggest thing was it was on an F250 chassis. The GVWR was everyones concern.
  4. Jdubucsd

    1981 Custom Coachman Caper XL on Ford F250

    Dang. What a rad ride. Bummer its not a larger engine and 4x4.
  5. Jdubucsd

    1996 4X4 Ford F350 Powerstroke ambulance fully converted. Low miles

    I have a 1995 E350 7.3 diesel. Its fine and Im here in San Diego. Its for diesel rigs thats are used for business purpoes that have a GVWR over 14,000# that are having registration issues. An F or and E350 GVWR is under the 14K limit anyways so it wont matter. Thats why I bought a pre 97’...
  6. Jdubucsd

    1996 4X4 Ford F350 Powerstroke ambulance fully converted. Low miles

    Folks might want also want to know interior ceiling height?
  7. Jdubucsd

    MOIRAI 1995 4x4 Fire Rescue BUILD Thread

    Finally 640 watts of 12v panels. Mounted up and wired in. Front custom spoiler powder coated satin black and does the job. I could not hear any whistles or wind noises cruising around.
  8. Jdubucsd

    WTB E350 w/ 6" UJOR 4x4, 18-25k

    No doubt there are many 4wd Ford E350s for sale at any given time. And they are in demand! Ive seen plenty in your price range, but they arent UJoint rigs. If you have the time and tools. You can convert a rig yourself for around 10-12K with Ujoint supplied parts and your self reliance. Plenty...
  9. Jdubucsd

    Sweet Deal - 2006 Tiger Adventure Vehicles Class C RV CX

    Sold in one day. With multiple back up cash offers....
  10. Jdubucsd

    1998 EarthRoamer ER2K - Build #1 - 1998 24v cummins auto 2500 shortbox quad cab $95k

    I think Tom here under Mattersnots was the previous owner? I want to say he was asking around 45K around 6 years ago? Id have to try to find the old sale link.
  11. Jdubucsd

    RVTrader, Earthroamer 57 $209k

    Who would finance one of these, since they dont have NADA values? I dont know about the AC. But it looks like it does, the rectangular black vents above the stack of wardrobe drawers back by the rear entry side door.
  12. Jdubucsd

    MOIRAI 1995 4x4 Fire Rescue BUILD Thread

    Along with the roof rack. I had all the rear seat brackets powdercoated too
  13. Jdubucsd

    Jeep Rubicon Earthroamer

    Do you have a link to the AEV one that sold for 68K. Just to compare
  14. Jdubucsd

    Jeep Rubicon Earthroamer

    Looks like a solid buy to me. Given new Rubicon prices and this one has some nice features. Too bad it isnt a manual tranny.
  15. Jdubucsd

    2007 Earth Roamer Xpedition Series - RV Dealer

    Dang. Id rather pay monthly on that than crazy rental prices here in San Diego!!