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    Grand Cherokee oil change

    Picked up a new to us 2018 Grand Cherokee Limited (V6) recently. Got it just before I had to go out on Fire with the Forest Service. So I talked to my wife the other day and she thought it would be a good idea to get the oil changed since we don't really know the last time it was done. She goes...

    Grand Cherokee 17’s??

    Can I use 17” rims on my GC Limited that has 18”s? Looking for more tire size options

    Food Container for cooking?

    My wife and I frequently will head off on N. Idaho Forest roads exploring and for a sunset dinner on the Coleman stove. Cast Iron Skillet cooking has become my specialty. I'm looking for a way to carry beans, sealed, then heated in the same container and resealed for travel home. Obviously metal...

    BFG's on WK2

    Have acquired a 2018 Grand Cherokee Limited with 265/60/18's and crappy street tires. I'm ok with the height but the wide foot print is not to pleasing. Exploring Forest Service roads here in the NW the tires tend to float rather than "Bite". really want to put some TKO2's on and have actually...

    New to GPS

    Been without a Jeep for many years and just got an 18 Grand Cherokee. So as we explored some mild trails this weekend I started to think how much we needed GPS. Back home I started exploring options and am intrigued by the GAIA platform . I have a older cellular IPAD (32GB) that I can use...

    XJ increased GVW with little lift?

    Been very happy with past OME lifts on several XJ builds Next one looking for same increased load carrying increase, ride quality, and install ease with less lift (1”-2”). Ideas?

    4 cyl. Tacos?

    Looking to design an expo platform as we move into retirement. Mostly highway with weekend two track forest service road expeditions. An older but still reliable second vehicle. Like the second & 3rd gen TACOMA. Had a great 1st gen dbl cab 4x4 TRD that I got burned on the frame issue. Can’t...

    1st gen Tundra frames

    Researching 1st gen Tundra builds as a possible future platform- Especially like “toyotech’s” build thread. I’ve read where the dreaded Toyota frame recall hit the Tundra too. I recently traded in a dbl cab Trd 4wd 02 TACOMA for a new CHR for the wife after I found out the factory wouldn’t...

    Where’s the KLR’s

    I subscribe to, and regularly visit multiple online Adventure Motorcycle information sources. As a KLR owner I actually obsess on anything pertaining to adventure travel on two wheels according to my wife. My budget and free time allows me to only live in this in online dreams mostly. The thing...

    Series 100 research

    After reading again EXPO’s Top 10 Overland list from 2011, we are researching what may be our last vehicle as we go into retirement. The series 100 gets high marks in just about every category we can think up, just as Scott Brady did in 2011. Think mostly double track, forest service road, day...

    Everybody has one “opinion on lifts”

    As mentioned before we are looking for our next and hopefully last Jeep project so the idea is to go quality and stout. At our age the rock crawling is long behind and a remote walk out due to a breakdown is not an option. Think built to take on any forest service two track regardless of...

    Jeep paint

    Starting to look for our next and possibly last Jeep as we’re nearing retirement. Think of a rugged but reliable xj build. Most xj’s for sale need the paint refreshed and that’s my question. I know that a paint change is costly due to the work involved with door frames and such. But what about...

    Shipping a KLR across country

    Living in Misissippi has it advantages and disadvantages. Advantages- Disadvantages My wife is here- Very limited adventure rides My grand kids are here-...

    KLR as a true adventure bike?

    My experience in the early 2000's was on XR650L & KLR's and mostly for commuting. Now I'm researching getting back into the game for adventure touring or BDR type exploring.My research is finding tons of reference to the KLR as a capable world traveler. Especially for the initial investment and...

    Frame recall opinion sought

    My 03 TRD 4x Dbl Cab is in great shape and totally stock when I purchased it in 2016 with 103k. Great shape other than the frame of course that was Toyota dealer inspected and "sprayed" in 2015. Now my concern is how much do I put into it, time & $$? No big mod plans, mostly interior comfort...

    1st. Gen level kit??

    I have a stock 03 TRD DBL CAB 4by and really don't like the front low attitude. Would like to safely raise the front 1"-2" without messing with rear. Ok with overall ride height. Want to mount 235/85R16 when I can find a deal on some Tacoma steel spares. Any advice?

    XJ or WJ

    I've owned a lot of Jeeps over the years from the CJ3B in high school 30 plus years ago to the most recent sold XJ. Of coarse when your without, your always looking for the next one. I've always been partial to the few XJ's I've owned. Been looking at the XJ market for the next build as probably...

    New to the LR World

    My wife and I are looking for our next adventure rig. We have had many Jeeps in lots of forms over the years. Maybe looking in a different direction this time(comfort). Went to Autotrader and for the heck of it typed in Land Rover. Interesting that I found a lot of 98-04 DII's with some very...