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  1. gabrielef

    WTB Rear Tire Carrier and/or Rear Jerry Can Holder - Land Rover LR3

    Looking for an option for my full size spare tire, as it no longer fits under the vehicle. A jerry can holder (or two) would be fantastic.
  2. gabrielef

    What’s This in my Fuse Box?

    Is this normal to see in other LR’3’s? Been there since I bought it almost 8 years ago and never got around to seeing if there’s something I’m missing. Added a pic of the fuse slot designation key.
  3. gabrielef

    SOLD - Dometic Fridge Slide for the 75, 80, and 110 - $280

    I am selling a brand new, never used Dometic Fridge slide, model # CFX SLD7580110. I bought this thinking I would get the CFX 75DZW fridge, but the slide alone takes up too much room in the back of my LR3. I got a smaller fridge and the CFX SLD5065 is what I need. The box is beat up from...