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  1. Dmski

    DMSKI's 2006 Xterra

    It might be worth a shot, but I haven't found a fool proof way to fully silence them. It's a shame because I really do like how they ride, but it sounds like I'm driving a sherman tank down the road sometimes.
  2. Dmski

    DMSKI's 2006 Xterra

    I agree, I think I haven't driven far enough to get this transmission up to temperature and haven't pulled any major hills yet. I think transmission fluid is supposed to be at optimal temps around 175 so I'm going to try and go for a longer drive soon enough to get a better idea of what temp...
  3. Dmski

    DMSKI's 2006 Xterra

    Thanks for the comment. The extra cooler will help but if you are bypassed I’d still recommend a temp gauge, either analog or OBD. I’m using a Bully Dog Tuner to monitor trans and coolant temps. Dead easy to install. Also I should have clarified, these are transmission temperatures. Coolant is...
  4. Dmski

    DMSKI's 2006 Xterra

    I’ve been running my truck with a bypassed transmission cooler out of fear of the dreaded SMOD since day one with an extra B&M cooler, aux fan and temp gauge. This setup has worked well but with the truck aging and me not wanting to worry about family and friends driving the truck and forgetting...
  5. Dmski

    DMSKI's 2006 Xterra

    Thanks for the comment! I'm in favor of anyone getting a moto, they are too much fun. When/if you get into one I'd say try and incorporate a hitch carrier setup on the LC so you can take it camping with you. Might mean a smaller/lighter bike like a WR250/XR250 to wrestle it up on the hitch...
  6. Dmski

    DMSKI's 2006 Xterra

    It has been a busy year and I’ve welcomed an new member into our family! While off-roading has been a little light this year I’ve been preoccupied with more ADV rides when I can get a chance. Proof I’m still playing in the dirt ;) Obligitory stuck photo. Not fun riding in snow I've...
  7. Dmski

    DMSKI's 2006 Xterra

    Cross posted from TNX: I have been dealing with a vibration and worn leaf spring bushings on my OME HD leaf packs. I may need to write a separate how to post for this because I was truly shocked at what a difference these upgrades made. Got the idea from a few members on here but Glamisdude was...
  8. Dmski

    Titan swap too much for just overlanding?

    I've done multiple renditions of suspension and driveline setups on my truck and while I love my titan swap, it would be overkill for your application. The best budget setup I had at one point was OME MD leaves with PRG extended shackles and 1.5" spacers on OME coilovers and SPC UCA's similar to...
  9. Dmski

    Sandy: 2003 Land Cruiser 100 Series Build & Adventure Thread

    I was wondering when I'd next see your build thread. Solid start and sorry to see the rust problem unfolding. If its mechanically sound I'd probably be inclined to say run with it, especially in the current market climate. But if you cleaned it up you would certainly make money on it if you...
  10. Dmski

    SRN’s 2017 Nissan Armada Build Thread

    Holy rear camber batman! Kidding and I'm sure you'll get it sorted soon. The truck looks awesome though. This is exactly how i'd set mine up if I went this route. With 35's this thing looks perfect.
  11. Dmski

    Armada/ QX56/QX80 pic, build and info thread.

    I'm glad this was started and I hope to see more interest in the 17+ Armada/Y62 patrol here in the states. I don't own one yet, but i'll contribute what I know thus far in my research. Might have to start making bumpers, skids and sliders for these if this becomes a popular platform! Check out...
  12. Dmski

    "Lola" - WreckDiver1321's 2005 Frontier CC/SB Nismo Build and Adventure Thread

    Sad to see her go, but glad to see it’ll still get used right. Curious what the next project is going to be? Any teasers?
  13. Dmski

    "Lola" - WreckDiver1321's 2005 Frontier CC/SB Nismo Build and Adventure Thread

    Ah man... So sorry to hear about the rear pinion failing. That really sucks and puts damper on an otherwise beautiful trip. Hope Lola get's fixed up and out on the road. Is the rear the 3.36 standard m226 gears? I'm guessing you have the old style 2 spider rear end still which may be why it...
  14. Dmski

    Tex's 2019 GX460 build

    Dude, sweet bike AND rigs. Liking your 460 build. keep it up!
  15. Dmski

    '10 Tundra CrewMax

    I think you of all people seem to wheel the piss out of your rig which is awesome! I do have a few questions for you. How have the leaf springs fared any squeaks and such or have they held up well? Also, how much width did you gain up front, and did you do anything out back to match the width or...
  16. Dmski

    '10 Tundra CrewMax

    ^Same! I'd like to see how this thing has faired long term and what changes were made. Great build and photos!
  17. Dmski

    2nd Gen INFINITI QX56/QX80 Build

    Checking back in here, you are really starting to sway me toward the infiniti/armada platform. I'm in the need of something slightly larger than my xterra and I've loved the performance and reliability of my rig with the titan swap and i really enjoy the unusual factor that the nissan family...
  18. Dmski

    AdventureTaco - turbodb's build and adventures

    Beautiful pics as always. I thought i recognized a few of the trails! Love fortune creek and parts of the BDR
  19. Dmski

    Supercharged 1st Gen Frontier Build and Adventures - Babe the Blue Ox

    Wow nice roof rack! Bedlining the entire roof and installing a new roof rack that keeps everything low is a hot ticket item. Not sure when I'll get to it/if i will but this makes me think it's worth it.
  20. Dmski

    DMSKI's 2006 Xterra

    The molle panels worked out well. Trail tested. I need to figure out where to put a select few recovery gear items, as it turns out I needed a strap in a bit of a pinch up to hawkins mountain and mine was buried in the back (classic). Have yet to get the non cell phone photos off mine and a...