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  1. MR. ED

    WTB Callen Camper for F350

    Hey all.. want to buy a Callen topper for my 6.75 2014 foot F350. Thanks
  2. MR. ED

    Alpenlite Cheyenne

    2003 Alpenlite Cheyenne. Great condition. Solar. Slide out. Generator. Full bath. Electric jacks.Includes mounting hardware and a trailer extension. It’s big and comfy. Located in Cortez CO. $10,000 or maybe trade for a smaller one to fit my 6.75 foot bed.
  3. MR. ED

    Reverse leveling kit?

    Anybody ever change out the rear blocks on a truck to bring the ass end down? I needed new shocks this spring and found a sweet deal for new shocks with some coils that were a bit longer than stock...aka leveling kit. My intentions were to get some 35s before winter. Now I’m a bit concerned...
  4. MR. ED

    F150 Shortbed rack

    I have a custom steel rack I made for my old truck. $400 In SW Colorado. I can send photos
  5. MR. ED

    Cross country trip rifle?

    Getting ready to hit the road...Colorado to Michigan. Definitely bringing a handgun, not sure which one...G19 or HK45...? How many of you take a rifle while traveling the interstates? Worried about Illinois! Only rifle I can fit in my bag is a SCAR-H. Thought about a shotgun too, but I would...
  6. MR. ED

    Offset and Backspacing??

    I will be putting 35's on my truck soon and I don't want any rubbing. It's a '14 F350 with 2 inch leveling springs. I'm torn between new wheels with the proper amount of offset/backspacing or new control arms. Cost is a minor concern... Any advice is welcome. I have been researching the wheel...
  7. MR. ED

    2003 Alpenlite Cheyene Limited 950

    Big camper for sale. Has a slide out for the table area. Table area turns into bed. Bathroom. Kitchen. Onan propane generator with 26 hours. Dual lp tanks. Solar with 2 deep cells. Heater and AC. 2 awnings. Electric jacks. It’s big. I would think that you’ probably want a dually as it’s tall...
  8. MR. ED


    Hey everyone. starting to look at lifts for my '14 F350 gasser. Curious if anyone has any experience with Old Man Emu lifts for the full size trucks. I'm looking at the 3 inch kit. Any and all info is appreciated. Thanks UPDATE. *Got the Bilstein 2 inch spring kit and 5100 shocks installed...
  9. MR. ED

    Grand Canyon Experts; Sleeping Bag Rating Question?

    Hey everyone... I'll be rafting the Colorado here in a few weeks. May 24-June 2. I just bought the Western Ponderosa due to it's large size, made in USA. It's rated for 15 degrees and is made with untreated down. I'm now worried that it may be too warm for down there, even though I'm a cold...
  10. MR. ED

    2009-2014 F150 Short Bed Rack

    Custom ladder/boat rack. Short Bed Only. Steel. $400 obo. SWCO. May be able to deliver. PM for more info.
  11. MR. ED

    2009-2014 F150 short bed topper

    2016 Snugtop. Sport Hi-Liner. Tuxedo black. Sportsman's package, Yakima Rack, Flip-down front window w/ slider, Driver side Windoor, Passenger side Plexi-Glass replacement. LED interior light. SWCO. PM for more info. May be able to deliver...$1500 obo
  12. MR. ED


    2017 Snugtop topper. Tuxedo Black. Front fold down window w/ slider. Driver side windoor w/ slider and screen. 500 pound roof rating(Sportsman's package). Driver side plexiglass window. LED light. Factory installed Yakima rack. Paid $3800 less than a year ago. $2000. Yakima rack for the cab...
  13. MR. ED

    Help Me Decide #2

    Didn't want to hijack the other thread, so here's my dilemma. I have a nice F150 but it's not working out anymore. I need more payload and a longer bed. I found a nice F350 with the 6 3/4 bed (which is better than the 5.5 bed). **See my Ford 350 6.2 thread**. And, I've got my wife's old '06...
  14. MR. ED

    2014 F350 6.2 idle hours advice

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at new to me truck. It was a fleet truck has 40k miles, 3700 engine hours, and 2500 engine idle hours. I've done the numbers game and Googled it all up but still on the fence. Is this too many idle hours? Truck's clean and doesn't rattle-yet. My F150 is too small for...
  15. MR. ED


    I am looking to sell my ladder/canoe rack. 2009-2014 F150 shortbed. will work with crew and extended cabs. $500 obo. Thanks for lookin
  16. MR. ED


    I demoed a Krampus in the fall and fell in love with it. The other day I brought home my very own Lg. Krampus Ops. Couldn't be happier. I spent about 4 hours on it yesterday exploring some rough roads around the house. It was fantastic. Simple. Quiet. Fun. My new favorite for sure. No more...
  17. MR. ED


    I've been contemplating getting a motorcycle for years now. Grew up lusting after the Dakars in all their exotic locations around the world. Has anyone here gone straight to the top and bought a big bike right off the bat? I've never owned a motorcycle in my life, but have ridden a lot. I don't...
  18. MR. ED

    Love the new Tundra

    Yesterday I test drove the 2014 Tacoma, 4runner, and Tundra Crewmax, all 4x4. Really liked the Tacoma and 4runner, LOVED the tundra! I'm going to be selling/trading the 01 dodge diesel and 04 Outback to get a new commuter rig. After years of MPG being the #1 priority I've moved comfort and...
  19. MR. ED

    Honda Crosstour?

    Does anyone have any experience with these? Looking for a new AWD commuter, my 04 Outback gets a little uncomfortable after an hour. Thanks any input is appreciated. Shawn.
  20. MR. ED

    2001 Dodge 2500 Cummins 4x4

    For Sale: 2001 Dodge 2500 4x4 diesel. Location: Cortez, CO. I've had the truck for almost 10 years, we bought it with 100,000 miles on it. It has 232,000 miles and a rebuilt automatic transmission. Stock. Leveling donuts up front and fairly new Cooper STT 315/75/16 with a full size spare...