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    Budget build on an old Roadtrek

    I really appreciate some input on what I should do about my old glazed over headlights. Is there any aftermarket replacement that I can put in there that won’t break the bank, but give me more light?
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    Budget build on an old Roadtrek

    Would my VIN tell me if I have the G80? If not, I would imagine I have your traditional 3.73.
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    Budget build on an old Roadtrek

    I plasti dipped the stock Roadtrek wheels, but will be upgrading the wheels/tires to what I believe will be 285/70/17s. Weldtec sways they will fit, with minor trimming of the front fenders.
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    Budget build on an old Roadtrek

    I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a older vehicle that had 100K plus miles on it, and would never have as high ground clearance as my former SMB Ford E350. I removed the panels on the doors, that served no purpose but aesthetics. There is a ton of crap underneath the vehicle, that can't...
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    Budget build on an old Roadtrek

    First stop was Weldtec, for their 5 inch lift.
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    Budget build on an old Roadtrek

    My previous van was a ‘03 Ford E350 SMB RB50 Q4WD pop top. I decided to replace it with a van that had a fixed top, longer van, and I no longer wanted the RB 50 type set up. I decided to go with the Roadtrek, on the Chevrolet 3500 chassis. I generally only camp in BLM, and just wanted to keep...
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    2000 Sportsmobile E350 Quigley 4x4 - $28,500

    this has been around for awhile. not sure why it hasn't sold. seems reasonably priced. rust?
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    XP Camper on 2016 F350 4x4 Diesel Platinum

    How about just going back to the for sale by expo members part of this thread? Nice vehicle. Glws.
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    XP Camper on 2016 F350 4x4 Diesel Platinum

    JP, Unfortunately, I can’t providing any information to help you out. I hope you are able to find a positive resolution and purchase this vehicle.
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    SOLD Ford F-350 4x4/Lance Camper

    very nice. 7.3? glws
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    2006 Sportsmobile 160K miles $175K
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    2011 Ford F550 Crew Cab 4X4 Diesel (EarthRoamer Type Project) INDIANA

    Interesting project. Appears to be well thought out. Glws.
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    2014 Earthroamer, 61K miles, $350K Lowest priced 6.7 ER on market today.
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    Tiger CX RV ...SOLD!....

    I purchased a SMB brand new, and was very unhappy with the poor workmanship that came from SMB West. How would you compare the quality between these two manufacturers? Are you going to replace vehicle?
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    2008 Earthroamer - 61K Miles - $170,000

    There is a good write up on the ER forum about the frame cracking issue. The author felt this was happening at full articulation when the body made contact with the frame. He lifted his body with spacers.