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  1. toddz69

    Need a better remote temp sensor for my Engel MT45

    For many years, I've used an Engel remote thermometer in my Engel fridge - the one that displays time, external temp, and internal temps. However, it's never worked very well because the fridge temp reading goes out and I learned the trick of popping the batteries out of the remote sensor to...
  2. toddz69

    Mountain Khaki pants. 34x34. $15 + shipping

    For sale is a pair of Mountain Khaki pants. Grayish in color. Size 34x34. Good condition (no rips or tears). One slight stain (shown in photo) on right rear pocket. I got these as part of the OJ subscription swag deal a number of years ago. $15 + shipping in the US. Thanks, Todd Z.
  3. toddz69

    Sad News - RIP Ramsey (Bajasportsmobile)

    I am sad to report that Ramsey El Wardani (Bajasportsmobile on this forum) passed away this morning at his home in Todos Santos in Baja. It is believed he passed from a heart attack. Ramsey was a frequent contributor to this forum and co-founder of Agile Off Road, which had developed some...
  4. toddz69

    Copperstate Off Road Rally

    When I first read this, I thought it was an April Fools' Joke: I was assured later that it was not. Looks like it could be an interesting adventure although the price tag is a bit steep for most. I enjoy checking...
  5. toddz69

    Warn 5/16" cable - 100 ft. $25.

    Brand new Warn 5/16" winch cable. 100 ft. Removed from Warn M8000 winch. $25 + $17.45 shipping via USPS Priority in the continental U.S. Todd Z.
  6. toddz69

    Warn M8000 wiring assistance

    I recently installed a Warn M8000 winch on my truck. I remote-mounted my control box and built my own cables. I took notes when I disassembled it but now when I try to spool the winch in, my engine dies immediately. I'm thinking I screwed something up in the wiring - specifically the location...
  7. toddz69

    Rally Diabolico - Altar Desert, Sonora, Mexico

    This interesting event was announced a few weeks ago: As close to Dakar as you'll get in this part of the world. Overland Journal did a feature on this area last year. Scott Whitney, one of the organizers, has done a great job putting together our route books for the...
  8. toddz69

    Warn winch hook and misc. items.

    Warn winch hook with red strap. 3 cables to connect M8000 winch to control box plus some assorted hardware (terminal covers, etc.). All items are brand new and never used. $10 + shipping. Local pickup in Phoenix or Prescott welcome. Todd Z.
  9. toddz69

    Four Wheeler Magazines - 1988-1997 - FREE

    A variety of Four Wheeler magazines from 1988-1997. The late 80s/early 90s were some of the "golden years" of the four wheel drive magazine industry and Four Wheeler tended to have the most adventure-oriented/travel articles in it of the "Big 3" (Petersen's 4 Wheel and Off Road, Off Road and...
  10. toddz69

    Forrest Industries Max Ax multi-purpose tool

    Forrest Industries Max Ax tool. Multi-purpose tool that functions as an ax, shovel, pick, rake, hoe, mattock, etc. You can read more about it here: Retail price is $250. I'm asking $125 + shipping. I used the pick tool once - otherwise it's never...
  11. toddz69

    Who had the fancy, black, all-metal shovels for sale at OX?

    Title pretty much says it all. Thanks, Todd Z.
  12. toddz69

    AZ - FR18 - Red Creek Trail - Tonto National Forest

    Last week an old Bronco buddy called to tell me he had traded his 911 Turbo for a new FJ and was eager to get out on the trails again. I had been wanting to run FR18, known to long-time central AZ backcountry explorers as "Red Creek", for a long time and with the trail's impending closure, we...
  13. toddz69

    Mountain Hardwear Jacket

    For Sale - Mountain Hardwear jacket. Men's XL. I haven't been able to find the receipt for it to know exactly which model it is. I bought it about a year ago and probably wore it less than 20 times. 3 external zippered pockets. Drawstring along lower edge. Extremely comfortable. Retail...
  14. toddz69

    ExPo Member Entry - 2012 NORRA 1000 Rally

    For many off-road adventurers, the dream of racing in Baja is high on their list of "must do" activities. For some, the dream becomes a reality but for many others, it remains elusive due to many factors including cost, time, or logistical challenges. In 2009, the re-birth of NORRA (National...
  15. toddz69

    Radio repair recommendation in Phoenix area?

    Hi: I'm curious if anyone has a recommendation for a 2M repair facility in the Phoenix area? I did a quick google search without any good results. I have a Vertex VX-150 that needs some troubleshooting/diagnosis. Thanks in advance. Todd Z.
  16. toddz69

    Mint 1985 4Runner on Ebay

    Referenced on BaT this morning: You may not want to use this as an expedition vehicle per se, but since many of us consider the '85 4Runner a pinnacle of sorts, I thought I'd link this beautiful...
  17. toddz69

    Southco latch for sale

    For sale: 1 Southco locking latch. P/N C2-32-25-3. See specs on this sheet: Locking - includes keys. I used it for about a month and then reconfigured my setup and don't need it anymore. Works great and is in good condition. $5 + a few...
  18. toddz69

    spouts for Sandrik cans?

    I have two Sandrik fuel cans, which I *thought* had identical nozzles to the Wedco cans. Turns out they don't. I ordered some spouts from Expedition Exchange and discovered the spouts are about ~1/8" too narrow for the Sandrik cans. Anyone have a source for some spouts that will work...
  19. toddz69

    Red Rover trip - AZ 6/1/07

    There was another thread around here recently on the Red Rover Mine but I couldn't seem to find it tonight so I'm posting a separate trip report here. While everyone else was in Baja, I decided to head out and see if I could find the Red Rover Mine. Seemed pretty straightforward but I didn't...