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  1. toddz69

    Sierra Expeditions

    Saw Wil at the UPR/Desert Rat trailer yesterday at OE so I'm guessing he's working for Desert Rat now. He was busy with customers and I was on a mission so I didn't get a chance to stop and say hi. Todd Z.
  2. toddz69

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion

    Then they must not be the GM/Cadillac ones used in the TSM kit :). Can you post some pics so we can help you positively ID what you need? Todd Z.
  3. toddz69

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion

    Thinking about this some more, if they're Ford calipers, they're probably a kit from Stainless Steel Brakes that was available for many years (SSBC went out of business a few years ago but was bought up and is now back in business). They used Varga calipers in their kits which were used on...
  4. toddz69

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion

    Post some good pictures of the calipers and I'm sure we can help you. Todd Z.
  5. toddz69

    1961 Willy's CJ5

    Beautiful rig! GLWTS. Todd Z.
  6. toddz69

    New Bronco

    True - I was just very surprised (as was my friend) to see so much displaced metal, particularly on a truck with 35s. Todd Z.
  7. toddz69

    New Bronco

    I appreciate the review! A good friend of mine got his last week (4 door with Sasquatch) and was 'wheeling it at Rausch Creek in PA the next day. Ended up with a ton of scratches on the control arm brackets, shock mounts, etc. on a fairly mild trail and he's an experienced 'wheeler. I'm sure...
  8. toddz69

    New Bronco

    My friend's dad picked up his new Bronco on Thursday and they were wheeling it at a Bronco event in PA on Friday :). They really like it although he says it needs some armor underneath for some of the vulnerable points - they were scraping rear lower control arm brackets even with the 35s on...
  9. toddz69

    ExPo's Lexus GX470 Overland Project

    Very nice - I hadn't seen that video yet. Todd Z.
  10. toddz69

    New Bronco

    I agree - they won't fit correctly on anything less than the "Warthog". The 4WP concept rig at Moab had them but they rubbed the fenders - even with their 'fender flare delete' and their 3.5" suspension kit. To not have them rub, you'd have to change the bumpstop configuration, which gives you...
  11. toddz69

    Zip Ties

    If you're a zip-tie snob like me, you'll only use T&B Ty-Raps - black ones with the little stainless tabs in them :). You can use the proletariat all plastic ones in a pinch if you need to. We use them all over the place on high-$$ off road racing rigs and we use them on spacecraft that...
  12. toddz69

    Best soft shackles made in the USA?

    I'm pretty sure that forum member Metcalf's product is made in the USD as well but I'd let him confirm: Todd Z.
  13. toddz69

    Baja XL 2021... Anyone else signed up?

    What a mess. They left huge ruts out on the lakebed and at least one team abandoned their car out there. Groups like this make it all the more tougher for promoters trying to run legit events (NORRA, etc.) in Baja. Todd Z.
  14. toddz69

    Winter Wanderings in AZ - Gila Canyon, Colorado River Valley, Kofa, Swansea, and Beyond

    Excellent report! Lots of AZ country that I haven't seen yet either. And thanks for the mention of Ed Fouts - legendary AZ 4 wheeler! Todd Z.
  15. toddz69

    Old truck exploring.

    Awesome report! Love to see the old iron bouncing around in the desert without another vehicle in sight. A perfect read about a peaceful place in an otherwise crazy world. Thanks. Makes me want to escape for a few days in the Bronco. Todd Z.
  16. toddz69

    Prevolander 93 Bronco

    Love what you've done so far! Todd Z.
  17. toddz69

    Sierra Expeditions

    The brick and mortar store is gone too. I drove by a few weeks ago and noticed the building was empty as I went by. Todd Z.
  18. toddz69

    Guess who's back!?! Atl-atl's K5 Blazer + Four Wheel Camper "The Crawlin Cabin" documentation thread!

    Bummer that you have to sell it after all the work you put into it - a friend sent me the WTW link this morning which led me over here to this thread - not sure how I missed it initially. I didn't realize fourtillfour was doing the meet ups again or I would've come seen it this morning. I...
  19. toddz69

    Need a better remote temp sensor for my Engel MT45

    Thank you - this one appears to be in my budget! Todd Z.
  20. toddz69

    Need a better remote temp sensor for my Engel MT45

    Thanks for the info! Todd Z.