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  1. Cruisn

    Around Europe/ Asia in a Shorty

    The story continues, well not for another 45 days or so till the wagon arrives in Izmir, Turkey. I finally got a window big enough to get to South Africa and get the wagon shipped out. Bit of a ******** show but I was able to ship out on a TIP which is great news for those of you who will maybe do...
  2. Cruisn

    Around Africa in a Shorty - Now includes Australia in an older Shorty

    Good evening, As some of you know I started building a 07 NS shorty wagon for a weekend warrior, and as usual I have a blow out. anyways, why not actually use it as it was intended, like going around Africa. In January I put the little beast in a container and headed to work in the DRC, end of...
  3. Cruisn

    2007 Pajero shorty build thread

    Cause I totally need another tourer. basical thread will follow a quick update of where I am to date. with a few more upgrades to follow. this build was done to keep it as light as possible. but still keep camping comfortable over long distances. Hence why I dont have 2 tons of ******** bolted to...
  4. Cruisn

    Pilbara Bound

    Where shall we begin, Basically it starts with me sitting having a few beers on a Saturday night with my mate Simon, who made the comment that 40L of diesel wont be enough for my trip, well will be cutting it close. Next thing I know I’m at his place loading up a 100L fuel cell. Which was a good...
  5. Cruisn

    Trip to Steep Point, Western Australia

    And this one includes a 105 series landcruiser!! Mate doesn't get around a heap so upon discussion I took some time off over christmas and we headed out on an adventure. I hit a few of my basic stops. but this time I went further into the bush in most locations, and along steep point I headed...
  6. Cruisn

    Dual Gen 1 Pajeros

    Posing hard like ya do.. haha Figured we could use some Gen 1 loving mixed in with all the gen 2.5 builds. LOL. both rigs are 2.5 turbo diesels. set up for touring.
  7. Cruisn

    Perth to Barlee lake, Western Australia

    The easter long weekend has come and gone once again this year. so it was easy to decide what to do with 4 days off work. well 4.5 really, got off at 2pm thrusday!! win win We went from perth to barlee lake and back, a nice little jaunt into the outback. pretty empty, jsut the way I perfer it...
  8. Cruisn

    Perth to Exmouth, Western Australia

    Alrighty, well my little bro showed up for this trip, so it was a great time. we spent 14 days travelling from perth to exmouth. I will start with the small issues, like temperature, its was reading 47c in the wagon in the shade during the day, that poor wagon was still holding 90 on the...
  9. Cruisn

    twice the pajero, Twice the fun

    Met up with a mate on the weekend and after we were done pulling goodies from the gen II for our rigs we went out for a photo shoot. cams rig, the blue one is setup for more along the lines of hard offroading. where as mine is touring. enjoy the photos, this sure shows how long some 4wd's can...
  10. Cruisn

    Holland track 4wd trip

    The long weekend came!!! That means only 1 thing, offroadwa group trip!! We headed down the holland track, about 250km offroad through twisty, dusty, corrugated track. Due to the very dry weather we have had the track had a ton of dust, and with 9 vehicles in convoy we spent most of the trip...
  11. Cruisn

    Black Point, Western Australia

    Well, Its that time again, the long weekend was upon us, and has left as quick as it came.. But not without a fun side to it, After some discussion with a mate we decided we would push the 400km down the the southern coast of western australia to go wheeling along the coast. We left right...
  12. Cruisn

    Perth to Steep Point

    Well, I struggled to get the pajero ready for the trip. lots of late nights, but it was so worth it. I put on jsut a hair over 2000kmès and used an average of 12-13L per 100km with the new diesel, which I feel is still way to high, so I will send it in for a dyno tune, since wher I got the...
  13. Cruisn

    Pajero Mk1 Tourer build-up

    Well, after sitting and thinking for quite sometime I have decided to keep my Pajero and modify it to be a self sufficient long range tourer. I chose to keep the pajero due to its reliability and ease to fix. A few goals I have so far are: -1500km Range between fuel stops -enough battery...
  14. Cruisn

    Pajero Gen1 Lifted 50mm

    Well I got my lift installed today, 50mm toughdog kit. 50mm medium duty springs - good for 300kgs of weight in the rear. 41mm foam cell shocks on all corners It started off great installing springs and shocks in the rear.... then it took a turn for the worst, I get underneath to crank up...