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  1. kwill

    Rockpals Refridgerator

    These guys have been selling battery packs and solar panels for a while but have recently added a 26 quart fridge. Here's a link: I took out the 40% side of my 60/40 rear seat (2019 Tacoma) and it fits perfectly on...
  2. kwill

    Too Many KEYS!

    This may just be a rant but perhaps someone has figured out an answer to too many keys. I used to drive Ford trucks and loved the external keypad to unlock the vehicle. That and an automatic garage door opener meant I didn't have to carry any keys. Late model cars require a fob or smart key...
  3. kwill

    Roof Racks

    Has Overland Journal (or anyone else) ever done a comprehensive review of the various roof racks on the market? I would be interested in seeing a comparison on issues like: 1. Weight/material/construction. 2. Capacity (weight they can carry). 3. Ease of installation. 4. Wind noise created. 5...
  4. kwill

    Embarrassingly basic question

    I'm making some basic modifications to a 2014 4runner in preparation for traveling/camping and eventually driving to Alaska. Looking at the information in this forum is intimidating! I recently found a new Viair 480 compressor for 1/2 price and mounted it under the hood. (This thing is a...
  5. kwill

    Simple, self-contained, pressurized water system

    I recently bought a Jeep on ebay. My teen-aged son and I flew up to Arkansas (from Austin TX) to drive it home. We wanted to do a little fishing/camping on the way home so we took our backpacking gear on the plane. After picking up the JK we were going to buy a couple of jerry cans or Coleman...