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    Mtbxj87's 1989 XJ

    Hello all, I've had a few posts here and there on EXPO, but never bothered to start a thread or document upgrades. Better late than never. I have lost most early pictures taken of her. I acquired her in late 2012. Overall ok shape, just needed lots of TLC, which I have done. This maybe the...
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    Best location for led lights

    I have a set of led lights on their way to me. 5" square. I'm leaning towards the cowl. My XJ is desert satin tan and glare off the hood has never been an issue. I have a roof rack and a space on the stock bumper. Maybe behind the grill if they're small enough. Where do you have yours and what...
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    Tip for XJ guys

    (sorry might be sideways) When I was doing weather strip on my '89 XJ I found that the window divider seals where expensive. Mine where broken and leaking. So I improvised. I took some 5/8" heater hose I had laying around cut it to length then cut it down the middle. so I ended up with two...
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    Scenic wheeling pics: JeeP

    The yota guys have a pretty good thread going, Jeep guys need one too! I know you got some, post em' up Ill get the ball rollin, nothing fancy
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    should i use these?

    rubicon express 2* shims. not machined straight, I think I could do better with a angle grinder. Should I use them?
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    pinion shimming XJ

    I have a 89 xj aw4 231. I installed a BDS 2" long add a leaf. My pinion is at 5* and tcase at 1*. I need to shim the pinion down. Has anyone else had to do this? Some how i might be the only one on earth that has needed to.
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    Aussie Locker?

    Now that I have a decent rear axle in my xj (8.25) . Im interested in lockers. Aussie looks easy to install, simple and cheap. has anyone used one of a extended period of time? Is it worth it?
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    Np 231 tcase noise

    I've had a grinding rumbling noise coming from the tcase for a few months now. It does it in 2wd and 4wd. I have the cad axle so front shaft isn't spinning so that rules out chain. It does it at above 30mph while maintaining speed and coasting. Here's what I've done to combat it: overhauled...
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    XJ dana 35 to 8.25c swap

    Im done withe d35 in my '89 xj auto np231. The 8.25 is on its way to me. From what ive found my driveshaft should work. Obviously the u bolts and spring plates wont work. My question is: Will the brakes work or can i use the brakes off the 35? (drums, they are less than 5000 miles used on the...