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  1. SilicaRich

    Super Clean Comanche Really well kept Comanche that could provide an excellent platform for an overland rig. Well worth the $8.5k IMO
  2. SilicaRich

    Cargo Netting Storage?

    I've been considering more options of utilizing more space in my TJ (since it lacks cargo room as is) but also keeps organization clean but allows me to continue to utilize my backseat (meaning backseat will be in and out of the Jeep). I've considered drawers but again that removes the use of my...
  3. SilicaRich

    Air Compressor Location

    I've had a VIAIR compressor now for a little over a year (honestly don't remember what model it is) but haven't installed it due to not knowing the best location to put it. I thought about installing it somewhere in the engine bay but someone recommended against that if I intend to ever do water...
  4. SilicaRich

    Awning Width Normal to Exceed Rack Length?

    I'm currently considering an ARB awning (2000 X 2500) for my 2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ. I would plan to mount it on my Gobi rack but I'm curious of whether or not this is an issue; the length of the rack is 64" and the width of the awning is nearly 79". Is it normal for the awnings to sometimes...
  5. SilicaRich

    The General Fishing Thread

    Looked around and noticed there aren't really any general fishing threads that are up to date, more popularity in fly fishing it seems. Well here's a place to introduce yourself, present your fishing habits (saltwater, freshwater, fly, spear, etc.), and of coarse show your catches. Just make...
  6. SilicaRich

    Suggestions On Honda CL350

    So with my second year of college having begun, living off campus is taking it's tole on my wallet being that my Jeep loves to get 8 mpg around town. I've always liked the idea of owning a motorcycle and with my roommate tooting around on his Honda Grom (it's adorable) getting 70 mpg, now I...
  7. SilicaRich

    Texas: BFG KOs + Pro Comp Alloys For Sale

    I have a set of 5 33"x10.5"R15 BFG KOs mounted on 15"x8" Pro Comp 7069 Alloys (5x4.5 bolt pattern) cleaned up and ready for sale located outside of Houston, Texas Tire Info: Tires have around 80% tread, + or - depending on the tire. All 5 tires were regularly rotated. Based on milage written...
  8. SilicaRich

    Longevity/Personal Experiences with BFG's Older KM1s

    I was just curious about how well BFG's older KM1s hold up as far as tread life goes to get an idea of how much time I have to save money towards a new set of tires. I currently run a set JK takeoffs on my Jeep TJ that were advertised as "half tread", not entirely sure how accurate that...
  9. SilicaRich

    ARB Cargo Gear Storm Bag Review

    I received an ARB Cargo Gear Storm bag (large) a little over a year ago as a birthday gift and loved it, but was always curious how well it would hold up. I love ARB and know their reputation for the quality of their products, however, I have little to no knowledge of their cargo gear...
  10. SilicaRich

    To 32 or not to 32?

    Hello, fellow forumers! I have the grand question of whether or not to downsize from my current 33" tires or stick with them. I know, like why right? My reasonings are simple and subject to opinion but I'm truly curious how capable are 32"s? I love my 33"s offroad however they are killing me in...
  11. SilicaRich

    SilicaRich's Overland TJ Rubicon Build

    Hello guys and gals. I'm also a member of Wrangler Forum, however, my build plans don't quite satisfy the tastes of most there so I've come here, although, if I ever have tech problems I'll likely be making trips back over. I'm new to this forum and thought I would go ahead and post up my TJ...