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  1. motoz

    Motoz 2004 HDJ100R Kakadu 4.2TD

    I'm undertaking a new build. With a growing family I had to move on from the duel cab utility I had previous. I wanted a turbo diesel wagon, automatic with all the comforts. I decided on the 100 series with the well proven 1HDFTE 4.2lt turbo charged 6 cylinder. Simple direct injection pre...
  2. motoz

    Swiss Room Box

    Hey Team, here's a cool storage solution. I'm not sure how robust or practical it would be for off road travel though the concept is good either way. :cool:
  3. motoz

    Motoz- Tasmania 01/14 Anticlockwise lap of the Apple Isle

    G’day All, Here’s a trip report of our recent trip to Tasmania. We had just over two weeks touring around the island state. The arrival and departure dates were set, though the itinerary was quite liquid. With a rough list of sites and some iconic tracks to tackle we set off in an anticlockwise...
  4. motoz

    Motoz Expedition Trailer: Urban Escape Unit

    Ive finally gotten around to kicking off the transformation of my better halves once loved and well used camper. Its been in their family for the last 30 years, ten of which have been in storage up in the farm shed. We were talking of buying a trailer when the farther in law said we could have...
  5. motoz

    Motoz North to West South Australian Expedition

    Flinders Ranges to Streaky Bay South Australia. Jane and I joined the group from New Triton on the Flinders Ranges trip during the Easter long weekend. The Tour went from the Wednesday till when we departed to start our westward journey. A full trip report with pics can be found here...
  6. motoz

    G'day from Australia. Motoz MN GLX R: Evolution of a Warrior

    Hello all. Ive got a lot from your site so I thought I'd join and share the build of my Mitsubishi Triton (L200) with you good folk here. It all started about a year ago. There was something about the shape and style of the Triton that rang a cord with me. Then from doing a lot of reading on...