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  1. SmoothLC

    Hiking and Camping in Goblin Valley with our FJ62 Land Cruiser

    Nice video @Bhill_teq! Plus, I enjoyed your choice of music. There's always a bunch of places to explore in and around there but never enough time.
  2. SmoothLC

    Solar generator

    Thanks for the question OP. I'm in the same boat. So far I've looked at Renogy, Goal Zero, and Jackery. Heard good things about Rockpals too. Recently, a friend of mine bought a Lion Energy kit from Costco w/ the battery and 3 panels. Even though it was on sale it was still pretty pricey $$. At...
  3. SmoothLC

    Kenwood TM-D710G Install - Advice?

    Make sure you are plugging it into the PC port on this page.
  4. SmoothLC

    Kenwood TM-D710G Install - Advice?

    I checked with RT Systems and it looks like their cable will work but have to connect it to the faceplate.
  5. SmoothLC

    Kenwood TM-D710G Install - Advice?

    Anyone know if you can update the firmware in the Kenwood TM-D710G using the RT Systems USB cable plugged into the main body (same cable used to program the radio)? Thanks!
  6. SmoothLC

    Hard storage box for front runner slimline?

    Here's one I put on my Front Runner rack running along the PS of the rack.
  7. SmoothLC

    Tower Arch, Arches National Park

    Enjoy your videos @99Discovery - keep 'em coming. I keep meaning to do this trail but am always too busy somewhere else.
  8. SmoothLC

    Dual band HAM radio options, narrowing the choices

    Nice choice w/ the 710. One of the reasons I went with it too is lack of touchscreen. A few years ago we went snowmobiling in Island Park, ID. One night it got down to -20 or so. The aftermarket head unit in my Land Cruiser was essentially worthless until it warmed up and the touchscreen worked...
  9. SmoothLC

    The Road Chose Me: Driving a Jeep Wrangler 80,000 miles around Africa for 2 years

    Congratulations. . . . and baksheesh is your friend.
  10. SmoothLC

    Kenwood TM-D710G Install - Advice?

    @pagero - What cable do you use to plug into the back of the head unit? An RT Systems cable or one of the Kenwood cables?
  11. SmoothLC

    Kenwood TM-D710G Install - Advice?

    Ok, got a question for those of you that run a radio with a separate operation panel and a TX/RX unit. In checking the cable situation out it appears that RT Systems requires the cable be plugged into the TX/RX unit to program the radio. Since the TX/RX unit is inside the rear PS cargo panel...
  12. SmoothLC

    Rotopax - Is there something better I should be using?

    Bought the mounting plate and attached it to the Front Runner rack a few years ago. Add a couple extensions and it holds 8 gallons. I've never had a problem with the locks but usually don't leave them up there unless it's a long trip. But maybe that's because we live in a desert. Anyway...
  13. SmoothLC

    Kenwood TM-D710G Install - Advice?

    Thanks for the feedback @DaveInDenver, I ordered the cable and will give the Kenwood software a try.
  14. SmoothLC

    Kenwood TM-D710G Install - Advice?

    Thanks Dave - how do you like the Kenwood software? Either way I have to purchase one or the other since the Kenwood cable (PG-5G or PG-5H) costs about $35 plus an adapter cable for the RS-232 end.
  15. SmoothLC

    Kenwood TM-D710G Install - Advice?

    Finally got it installed - now the question is, what's the best/easiest way to program it? RT Systems for Kenwood TM-D710G or Kenwood's Memory Control Program for TM-D710G? Any feedback and/or recommendations?
  16. SmoothLC

    Frontrunner antenna mount

    Nice! I was wondering when they would come out with a mount. What antenna are you using?
  17. SmoothLC

    SW Idaho Adventures

    Great video - really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.