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  1. DirtWhiskey

    VINTAGE EARTHROMER/CRUISER 1962 Powerwagon Crew Cab !!

    No relation. Has to be one of the coolest old motorhomes on the planet??
  2. DirtWhiskey

    One more from Utah: Ram 5500 with 150k miles, 14 ft flatbed with lots of custom boxes $17,800

    This one is more surprising as Ram work trucks out here are typically priced as if they are made of rare meteorites. Our 4x4 truck market is off the rails, so my bet is this goes fast:
  3. DirtWhiskey

    7.3l N/A Diesel Ambo 20k miles in Utah $5500 (!!)

    Seems like a smoking deal on an ambo. My guess is it sat for YEARS and needs some work:
  4. DirtWhiskey

    GMC 5500 4x4 with Work Body, Quick Expedition Vehicle Turn around? (And another one...)

    178k Duramax. Looks like it would take a 10 foot Alaskan as-is. A little lube and oil then to Tierra Del Fuego? These 4500 and 5500 Kodiaks and Topkicks are rolling very cheaply in my neck of the woods. Aboher one Cab and Chassis with 138k for...
  5. DirtWhiskey


    Not mine but RAD: ROKON 2WD TRACTOR BIKE, LI-ION CONVERSION Called on it. Still goes through the three gears so it's a mid drive, 48v motor, 50ah battery setup. Original motor and exhaust included. The battery alone is worth a grand. Wish I had some scratch laying around.
  6. DirtWhiskey


    Well, I spent three years looking for this beast and have to change directions and sell some assets to build my distillery. I'm selling my 1992 4X4 Pierce Arrow fire truck. Picked it up in March and had it trucked to Utah. Really cool history on this one. It was Engine No. 1 at McMurdo Air base...
  7. DirtWhiskey


    THIS is an incredible base to work from. They claim to have 16 units with title. I have no idea how they would get their hands on there and they are zero feedback, so buyer beware.
  8. DirtWhiskey

    What is this Thing? (Pop-up Nissan/Datsun)

    Somebody should buy it to figure it out. Fiberglass looks pretty good. Looks like a longer version of a Chinook. Would make a good transplant:
  9. DirtWhiskey

    RISE - New Hard-sided Pop-up Trailers and Truck Campers by Trailmanor

    The new Trailmanor campers are called RISE. Seems like a lighter weight, hydraulic instead of cables, updated Hilo (out of business). Trailmanor also was struck by the downturn but has just kicked production back up under new ownership. Aside from the upcoming RISE campers, the new color schemes...
  10. DirtWhiskey

    1985 BJ70 Landcruiser 3b Turbodiesel Canadian Import in Utah (WOW!)

    The sickness:
  11. DirtWhiskey

    Duece with Camper, Bayfield Co. MODIFIED HILO CAMPER ON BACK??

    New one to me. Interesting rig. If it was capable of 60mph I'd look at something like this. Not mine. Standard disclaimers apply (do we really need to say all of that?):
  12. DirtWhiskey

    2000 LR Disco w/4BD1T Isuzu DIESEL , GMC NV3500 5 speed, Locker

    Sick sick rig. No affiliation:
  13. DirtWhiskey

    Potentially Awesome Bug-out Vehicle Platform in Utah

    Um yeah. 60,000 GVW 6x6 Volvo Cab-forward with 70,000 miles. Mad Max, anybody? No relation or interest in the sale:
  14. DirtWhiskey

    GMC Topkick C6500 Expedition Rig in Utah

    Just found this on KSL. No relation or link to seller. Looks pretty cool other than the rear door: