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  1. cpabbey

    T-100 head gasket

    I have the opportunity to pick up a T-100, but it needs a head gasket. I’ve owned one before and foolishly solid it. Should I run away from it or make a project of it? Thanks
  2. cpabbey

    East African chicken

    5 or 6 years ago there was a recipe posted in the Overland Journal magazine. I made it a number of times and it was great. I lost the magazine and was wondering if anyone had the recipe. Thanks
  3. cpabbey

    She’ll recommendation -2019 F150

    The last shell I bought was in 1985 and it served as a platform to carry a John boat and a place to camp in when needed. I just bought a new Ford with the 6’5” bed and I’d like to add a cap that can carry 2 or 3 kayaks. I’m looking for recommendations. Thanks.
  4. cpabbey

    F150 vs Tundra....I’ll make a decision tomorrow

    I’ve read all the threads on this most controversial question and I’ve got to make a decision. My current ride, a 2003 F150 with 216,000 miles, needs to be replaced or face substantial repairs. I’m better with a hammer than a wrench and I’m afraid the ROI for the repairs isn’t a good idea...
  5. cpabbey

    Is there a bad year for the 4 runner

    I’m looking for a project truck and was wondering if there was a year to avoid for 4 runners. I have a 2015, but that’s the wife’s commuter and not going to be something I take off road. Thanks.
  6. cpabbey

    Trek 920

    Just purchased the new Trek 920. This bike is fantastic, but there's a story with this specific bike. I bought the bike at a LBS and was taking home when it fell off the bike rack. I watched in horror as it bounced off the road while doing 55mph. Luckily the bouncing bike didn't hit a car or...
  7. cpabbey

    80 series LC vs Suburban

    I've got a totally stock 1996 LC with 135000 on the clock. It needs some repairs, but overall in good shape. I;ve thoughtt about selling it and getting a Suburan 4X4 as I don't do any thing past dirt roads. It's a tough decision and I'm not sure what to do. I've never owned a Suburban
  8. cpabbey

    FJ vs Tacoma

    New to the forums and to 4 WD vehicles. I've test driven both and like them equally. I plan on doing some off roading but nothing terribly extreme. I'd like to mount a roof top tent and realize I'd have to add something to the bed on the Tacoma. I'm looking for suggestions on which to go...