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  1. Maryland 110

    something a little different

    This past weekend I borrowed my friends homemade trailer for a trip to the Cove, a privately owned 3000 acre orv park in the Virginia mountains . Its made from a Land Rover series 2a 109 aluminum body tub. The lid,also all aluminum, he made from a 2a 88 roof. The frame was salvaged from a...
  2. Maryland 110

    1.4 tcases- an offer

    I have a container leaving the Uk in 8-12 days. Frank/aka Mongo had asked me about 1.4 tcases and the Wright Off Road sound deadening kits for Defenders. There will be 2 110's in this 40 ft container as well as a new rust free tub for my Sankey trailer, so not a whole lot more room for large...
  3. Maryland 110

    Mid Atlantic Rally ( MAR) - Who's going ?
  4. Maryland 110

    Toyota Land Cruiser B diesel/set up for Land Rover Defender

    3 liter (2977cc) 12volt Toyota B series natural diesel engine. Has mounts and adapter plate to bolt into a v8 Land Rover Defender. Removed from an 83 110. Was running/driving when removed in April for a v8 auto swap. Includes nice quiet Rover Lt95 trans/tcase. On a pallet ready to ship. Located...
  5. Maryland 110

    Toyota B diesel engine with all ancillarys

    I have a Toyota B diesel engine in good running condition with recent new 12v starter and alternator. Engine wiring harness, glow plug wiring and relay etc all included. Engine was removed last weekend and is on a pallet stored indoors @ my farm in Concord, Virginia ready to ship. Here is a you...
  6. Maryland 110

    More Military Blood Bank freezer fridges

    I am not selling these so please don't pm me. Just trying to help out the Portal community. The Govt has released 13 more of these unused new in the box units. Here is the listing for one-just click on similar items for the other lots. What the GL staff do is uncrate 1 for photos and then put it...
  7. Maryland 110

    WTB or point me to a source/ Scepter MFC part

    For the brown center cap on a Scepter mfc. This the largely covered up part inside the cap that the strap snaps into and the gasket covers. One of my diesel cans had gas in it @ one point, swelled the gasket, and broke the thin flange. So now it leaks.
  8. Maryland 110

    Thoughts on building a trailer out of a Willys truck bed

    I love the look of the 416's and c101's but they are so small- which is part of why they work so well. I'm looking for something a little larger/longer with a tailgate. To me the Willys look is somewhat similar. I ran across a very cheap 1951 Willys which has already been substantially parted...
  9. Maryland 110

    Crimson Trace experiences/recomendations

    I'm looking @ adding one of these to my Beretta 96. I looks as though there are three different models that fit the gun. Just wondering what others think of them. A friend had one on a SIG and I really liked it.
  10. Maryland 110

    Military Spec Freezer/Fridges for $750 ea

    I have a couple of military spec freezer/fridges for sale. These are 59 quart units built into military Hardigg cases. They are designed for the transport of blood, vacines etc anywhere in the world. To that end they work off of nearly any power source from 10-28 volts dc or 100-250 volt ac...
  11. Maryland 110

    Son of Hibatchi

    Son of Hibachi I did a search and nothing popped up. Does anyone have experience with one of these ? Was thinking of picking one up. A friend had one and I remember thinking it was well made easy to light and got hot really quickly. Need an alternative to the Coleman propane stove...
  12. Maryland 110

    Making an onboard air system

    I have the apprx 3 gal eas tank from under a 95 Classic (made in Ireland). I want to make an onboard system using a 12v compressor for running air tolls and tire inflation. I have room under the passenger seat or in the engine compartment for the compressor and was going to mount the tank on the...