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    Timber-Framed Truck Rack
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    Fridge/Freezer Wireless Thermometer

    MetalTech lists this wireless remote fridge thermometer from IronMan 4x4, but they are out of stock until February. Unlike the ARB remote, which is hardwired, this one will work in any fridge, with a wireless RF transmitter in the fridge or freezer compartment, running on three batteries. I...
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    Solar In The Desert

    I am adding a solar panel (100W Renogy mono) in an attempt to keep my AGM batteries happier than they have been. Just got off the phone with Ctek tech support re using a D250SA (new model) as my controller for a three-battery system (one starter and two house). The question of the moment is...
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    Italian F-250

    Just saw this parked at a shop in So Cal, so I grabbed some pics and talked with the mechanic. It's an F-250 Super Duty that was mostly built up in Italy by Brunatti in Turin. Brunatti seems to be mostly a Toyota shop, but I found some other makes with a Google search. Interesting set of...
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    Anyone Using Mastervolt AGM Batteries?

    Since I am thinking seriously about replacing all three batteries in my truck (one Odyssey and two Optimas), I'm evaluating the alternatives. Was talking yesterday with a guy who installs and repairs marine electrical and electronic systems and he told me I should go with Mastervolt AGMs. They...
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    New Batteries Coming From Northstar

    I'm getting ready to possibly replace all three batteries in my Power Wagon, and that prompted a call today to Northstar. Found out that they are planning to introduce Bluetooth-enabled batteries at SEMA in November. Batteries will allow you to monitor state of charge in real time on your...
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    DIY Truckbed Drawers

    This is from Tools of The Trade/Journal of Light Construction. Cool way to build a heavy duty drawer set without buying expensive HD glides. Uses square steel tubing and skateboard bearings for the glides...
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    CamperVans in Germany 143226 USA Daily Basic 2018-06-18 143858 Rugged campervans of Germanys Abenteuer Allrad show&utm_content=2018-06-18 143226 USA Daily Basic 2018-06-18 143858 Rugged campervans of Germanys...
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    Ford Patents An SUV Lift Gate Curtain

    Not sure where this should go, but here you are. FYI. Ford Patents An SUV Lift Gate Curtain For Changing Clothes At The Campsite
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    Mounting ARB Rack to Fiberglass Shell

    I am thinking about upgrading my rack system because I have been consistently overloading my current setup. The best size for my situation is the big ARB alloy rack, #4900010M, 87"x49". I want to mount it directly to the top of my cab-high SnugTop fiberglass shell. So far, so good. ARB does...
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    WTB ARB Transit Bag

    Anyone know where to find a good price on an ARB transit bag for the 50 Qt fridge/freezer. Best I can find is $127. Thanks.
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    Goofy Pelican Question

    Anyone have actual experience removing the handles from Pelican cases without doing damage to the handle or to the case? I'm 100 miles from my Pelicans and working on an architectural low voltage lighting installation. Need a couple of waterproof boxes to mount 12-24V power supplies and LED...
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    Renogy Panels On Sale TODAY

    Amazon Deal Of The Day today, Renogy 100W monocrystalline panels at $110, normally $140.
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    A New Generator?

    Well, I have convinced myself that I need another generator to run AC tools out in the boonies and for emergency power at home when power goes out (fairly often). I have a fairly large wheeled generator, nominally 4500W, but it's a pain to move around and pretty loud. So I'm thinking about a...
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    WTB: Pull-Pal

    Anybody have a Pull-Pal they want to sell? I have an RW9000, so could use another for double pulls. Or, could use an RW11000, RW14000, or even an RW16000 if price is right. Preference is for the RW14000. I'm in So Cal and get to AZ with some frequency, so anything between L.A. area and Yuma...