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  1. CharlieNorth

    WTB 3.15 T case gears

    I posted this in the wanted section but question if it will get seen there. I apologize for the cross post where I know it does not belong. I am trying to find out if someone might have a set of 3.15 Tcase gears for a Gen 3 here in the states?
  2. CharlieNorth

    WTB Mitsubishi 3.15 T case gears

    I am in search of a set of 3.15 gears for a for Gen 3 if anyone might have a set in country?
  3. CharlieNorth

    CAD delete, My way.

    CAD delete, my way. This is a little bit less work than what other guys do. The task is to simply hold the shaft out to keep the clutch engaged. Nothing more. In this image the spring needs to settle in, it gets greased up for corrosion protection then a rubber boot goes over it. This can be...
  4. CharlieNorth

    New fuel pump

    For my Pajero project being this is a diesel to petrol swap I bought a new fuel pump assy, this was bought overseas and is supplied with an unmarked pump. I am mulling through my mind if I should run this as delivered or swap this brand new pump to an actual Denso pump. I consider this to be a...
  5. CharlieNorth

    Winch fairlead for synthetic cable

    As I am building my 3.8 Mivec Pajero I am in the process of swapping my Ramsey REP 8000 over to it. This was originally installed on my Gen 1 Montero turbo in '89. It was used allot back then for many years. In 2007 the winch and bracket were transferred to my '95 Montero SR, not really used in...
  6. CharlieNorth

    Pajero Mk2 SWB MIVEC Build

    I have a project where I am swapping a 6G75 Mivec backed by a paddle shifted 5 speed into what was originally a 4D56 3 Dr Pajero. This post is to judge interest in this project.