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  1. BajaSurfRig

    1981 4x4 Chinook.....

    Not mine but kinda dig it (although it is overpriced for what it is)...
  2. BajaSurfRig

    1997 F250 4x4 w/ Callen Camper (not mine)

    Surprised this hasn't sold yet (not mine).... 1997 Ford F250 with Callen Camper, 4 wheel drive, new compressor/cold AC, 5.4 crate engine with only 35k miles, transmission overhauled and has only 25k miles. Have all paperwork. Heavy duty jacks and tailgate included so you can remove the camper...
  3. BajaSurfRig

    Callen Camper (Not Mine)

    If I didn't already have a camper on my truck I'd be all over this one:
  4. BajaSurfRig

    Cool 98 Fuso Camper

    This thing is too cool not to share (it is not mine but I wish it was):
  5. BajaSurfRig

    Reasonably Priced First Gen Tacoma + Flip Pac

    Not mine:
  6. BajaSurfRig

    Familiar 7.3 Camper on CL Now

    Not mine (They used the same stock photos as the original add...) Sold on Expedition Portal Recently...
  7. BajaSurfRig

    1996 Ford F350 7.3 4x4 243k Miles CCLB **SOLD**

    DSC_0483 by Matt Sawyer, on Flickr My 1996 Ford F-350 7.3 CCLB 4x4 is for sale. She has 243K miles and is slowly going up (I have a work truck so this is a camping rig for my hauling Grandby Four Wheel Camper). I have decided to upgrade to a newer 6.2 Super Duty. This is my 4th 7.3 and I know...
  8. BajaSurfRig

    Best Weld Through Bumper Clevis Mount for 9,000 lbs + Truck?

    I just picked up an older Ruenel front winch bumper for my 96 F350 off of craigslist for $350 (score!!) I would like to add two clevis mounts to the front (My truck with the FWC in the back is pushing 9,000 lbs). What is the most heavy duty weld through mount on the market? Everything I am...
  9. BajaSurfRig

    7.3 Pre-emptive Preventative Maintenance

    On my last trip south of the border I had a high pressure oil line burst dumping 2/3rds of my oil out on the side of the transpeninsular. I brought a good amount of spare parts with me (belts, fluids, radiator hoses, fuses, filter, etc.) but not HPO lines and therefore couldn't fix this on the...
  10. BajaSurfRig

    1977 Dodge Xplorer 307 Xtrava Cummins 4x4

    This thing is a rad beast:
  11. BajaSurfRig

    Cummins 4bt 4x4 Quigley Chevy Van $13k

    This van is not mine but thought it was too cool not to share:
  12. BajaSurfRig

    Breather for E4OD?

    I recently moved to a ranch where I have to cross a stream to get to work every day. With our recent rains here on the Central Coast I would like to attach breathers to protect everything. I have done the front and rear diffs, the transfer case and but haven't been able to get to the fitting on...
  13. BajaSurfRig

    1994 Revcon Trailblazer F350

    Not mine but thought it was too unique not to share....
  14. BajaSurfRig

    The $500 Grandby Project....

    Hi Guys, I just picked up a 1983 Grandby for $500 on Craigslist in Santa Rosa and for the price it is a killer deal (new canvas and everything works). It has a poorly done homemade paint job and some bruises and dents but all in all it is a killer little set up. While cleaning it today I...
  15. BajaSurfRig

    Best air filter for OBS 7.3?

    I just recently purchase a 96 F350 CCLB 7.3 4x4 and it came with a Napa 6637 filter. I find myself in some pretty dusty conditions on occasion and am curious what the best filter out there for filtering in those conditions with a 7.3 is (I don't want to dust my turbo or engine). I would like to...
  16. BajaSurfRig

    Built / Turn Key 2000 Toyota Tacoma 4wd TRD w/ Callen Camper

    Summary: - Built 2000 Toyota Tacoma V6 TRD 4x4 with 5 Speed Manual (Last year with no electronics in the 4x4 system). -Engine Fully Rebuilt 10k ago by The Truck Shop in SD with receipts. -Transmission fully rebuilt @ 156k (around 80k ago) with receipts by Miramar Transmission in SD . -New Clutch...
  17. BajaSurfRig

    Rad 6.5 4x4 Jimmy with Four Wheel Camper

    I have no affiliation but if I was looking for a rig this thing would be pretty sweet:
  18. BajaSurfRig

    1997 F350 7.3 Turbo Diesel 5 Speed 4x4 with 148K

    The Truck is a 97 F350 with a 7.3 liter turbo diesel and a 5 Speed ZF 5 transmission with 148K miles. I bought this from an elderly gentleman that was the original owner. This thing has a Dana 60 up front with manual locking hubs and a sterling 10.25 in the rear it is solid. I am selling it...