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  1. stoicalpear

    Farewell milky way

    What did you shoot this with? Great job!
  2. stoicalpear

    Round the world in 1957

    Thanks for sharing! Love these old school Rover videos.
  3. stoicalpear

    Introduction of myself!

    Welcome! Lots of great information on this forum as well as tons of people that really know what they are doing in the photo/video world.
  4. stoicalpear

    2018 update to my WH(WK) build

    Very nice work! Looks like a great setup.
  5. stoicalpear

    1980 CJ7 build

    Wow! Thats a killer deal.
  6. stoicalpear

    1980 CJ7 build

    Looking like a fun build! Love frame off builds. Can literally check each and every sq inch of the vehicle.
  7. stoicalpear

    Jeep TJ overland "shoestring" slow build

    Great looking TJ! They are great platforms but I can see the space being limited as an issue. I am curious to see some ideas.
  8. stoicalpear

    XK interior cargo space mods

    x2 for the wooden legs being pretty awesome! It has character and that I can very much appreciate!
  9. stoicalpear

    Just another XJ

    I am interested to see what you make from the wood. I have been toying around with some different ideas for storage in my XJ. I cant really commit to any one design as I have so may factors at play (dog, kiddo, lots of gear, weight just to name a few). Sucks to hear the starting issues. What all...
  10. stoicalpear

    Leaf spring help, choices to be made

    What kind of weight are you wanting to carry in it? Also factor things like bumper/tire carrier and sliders. I would not do the crowns. RE is a great brand for leafs no doubt but for any sort of weight its tough to beat OME.
  11. stoicalpear

    Engineer Pass: Colorado

    Thanks for sharing! My wife and I are going to get back out to that part of the state this summer (thinking FJ summit) and I cant wait.
  12. stoicalpear

    '86 Grand Wagoneer - slow build

    Love seeing these kinda builds. Keep the pictures coming and look forward to seeing some more progress on it!
  13. stoicalpear

    Just another XJ

    Looks like a great starting platform.
  14. stoicalpear

    Jeep Cherokee The 'ole headlight question

    I picked up a set of the Truck Lite Led's. I also have a 50" light bar but I must say I am very impressed with the output of the Truck Lite lamps. They are a little pricey but they hold up to rock and trail abuse very well too.
  15. stoicalpear

    XJ project MORTY

    Great looking XJ!
  16. stoicalpear

    Photographer & Olympian Chase Adventure From Baja to the Arctic

    What a inspiring group of trips! Love all the pictures. Where to next?
  17. stoicalpear

    Two weeks exploring Namibia

    Absolutely stunning images! I would love to get out to that part of the world at some point in my life. Thank you for sharing.
  18. stoicalpear

    37's on a Range Rover Sport

    Very good work! I am impressed... Do you have anymore action pictures of this beast?
  19. stoicalpear

    Croc Hunter '92 MJ

    Nice MJ! I really wish I would have started with one of those instead of an XJ. The diesel swap looks like it turned out really well too.
  20. stoicalpear

    Newbie looking for advice

    ZJ is a great platform. Its solid axle front and rear. It will come with a D35 rear and a LP d30 up front if it has not been swapped out. They are decent axles for smaller builds. I would not trust the d35 with too much weight though as it is a c clip axle and the weight of the vehicle will be...