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  1. perterra

    2020 Tacoma 4 cylinder

    So how much of a slug is the 4. Driving an 2004 Tacoma V6 right now, it aint a lightning bolt, but it's not as bad as my last 3 Jeeps with the 258. More worried about longevity than speed, I aint in any kinda hurry these days. Biggest trailer I tow is around 2,000 pounds, and thats 90% flat...
  2. perterra


    Does anybody else carry lanterns. I'm starting to think I must be the last of the lantern users. For the most part I use propane now days, but I'm starting to think about a kerosene or multi fuel lantern again. I have a couple of old liquid fuel Colemans (3 actually) a single mantle and a...
  3. perterra

    atv fuel cans

    Any one try these. Sure looks like you could stack them flat on a roof rack and use the mounting system.
  4. perterra


    Anybody try one. I will eventually go 2M but I'm thinking about picking up a ssb/cb to communicate. Bro inlaw said he was thinking of one, just curious if the 12 watts makes a big difference.