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  1. MR. ED

    Is an F250 6.2 V8 Gas Reliable Enough?

    From what I've gathered they're pretty bombproof. Thirsty, but reliable. I originally wanted a Tundra, but the MPG vs. payload led me to the Ford. Mine is a '14 350 xtra cab short bed with 4:30 gears. Got it 4 years ago with 30k miles and have 8?,??? on it now with no problems. I bought it...
  2. MR. ED

    Why does no one use a high truck shell?

    I did have a window in my SnugTop HighRise(?) suddenly explode on a rough road once.....
  3. MR. ED

    My new Bison

    There's a tan one locally for sale. such a sweet looking that dark silver too.
  4. MR. ED


    Sweet house! I had a weird "popping" noise in the front of my super duty when I first got it. Turned out something was wonky with the swaybar. took it off years ago. Never a problem. I run some twisty mountain roads at speed and haven't noticed any extra roll or lean. Yours looks to be lifted a...
  5. MR. ED

    Ford's New VIN Tool Answers All of Your Towing & CCC Q’s About Your Truck

    Doesn't work for me in the states either
  6. MR. ED

    Cooper S/T Maxx vs Toyo A/T 3

    I’ve been running xt maxx for years. Never noticed the noise until my current set. Holy moly I can hardly stand it anymore. They’re about half way gone and I’m going to have to try really hard to make it to the end. Next set will be the at3.
  7. MR. ED

    WTB Callen Camper for F350

    Hey all.. want to buy a Callen topper for my 6.75 2014 foot F350. Thanks
  8. MR. ED

    Late model Ford SuperCabs: Do the doors creak?

    2014 scab. Light wheeling/offroading no squeks yet. I've had it pretty twisted a couple times on switchbacks and I didn't notice any sounds.
  9. MR. ED

    F350 Suspension Setup for near GVWR Adventures

    Just a quick note... I think that the front and rear fenders are different heights off the ground/hubs. I put some 2inch lifted Bilstein springs up front on my rig and I think they were made for a diesel because it popped the front up more than 2 inches. I get the Baja race truck look with a...
  10. MR. ED

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Really dig that rig.
  11. MR. ED

    Replace Rear Bench with Chairs in 2017 F350

    That's pretty slick!
  12. MR. ED

    Trip with firearm

    Pretty sure it’s state wide.
  13. MR. ED

    Trip with firearm

    Yup. I have a couple buddies that had to use tire irons and hammers to dispatch wounded critters. No thanks. I don’t want to get that close and I’m way to fragile for that.
  14. MR. ED

    Trip with firearm

    You’re good in those states. In Colorado your vehicle is considered an extension of your home. You can legally carry concealed in your vehicle. Once you get out it has to be open carried unless you have a concealed carry permit. I know AZ is constitutional carry. You can legally carry concealed...
  15. MR. ED

    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Started today.. may add drawers ....
  16. MR. ED

    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    Nice Alpenlite. Looks small on your truck.