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  1. TheGuyJones

    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    That sink looks a lot like this collapsible container. Cut a hole and add a regular sink drain. Wakeman Outdoors 10-Liter Collapsible Portable Camping Wash Basin (
  2. TheGuyJones

    F150-2010Family Style

    Hey man! Just came across this thread for the first time. Sad to see you had to sell the old tundra, but looks like you've got a sweet new setup (been eye-balling the f150s myself though it will be a bit before I can pick something up for myself). And congrats on rugrat #3! It really changes...
  3. TheGuyJones

    Newbie with an Avalanche Question

    You can look at the build thread for 02TahoeMD. He put a snorkel on his 2002 Tahoe with the 5.3.
  4. TheGuyJones

    Ulysses the Uhaul - Strategic Surf Assault Vehicle project build

    Very cool build. I was thinking about your roll-up door dilemma and an idea popped in my head to suggest that would still keep the ordinary look on the outside. Basically, take the rollup door components and attach them to a solid on-piece subframe with a pivot connection at the top (think...
  5. TheGuyJones

    2006 Expedition Expedition. My truck as 'expedition' written all over it

    Looks awesome. You'll have to post some daytime pics. Really curious about how you ended up handling the grill issue.
  6. TheGuyJones

    2006 Expedition Expedition. My truck as 'expedition' written all over it

    I'm really curious to see how your install goes on the bumper, especially what you do with the grill. Always seemed funny to me that the F150 Grill is connected to the hood whereas the Expedition grill is not. Will be watching.
  7. TheGuyJones

    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    midtnexplorer, That's a nice setup you have. Basically a smaller version of what I would love my expedition to eventually look like.
  8. TheGuyJones

    What are the Real IFS Worries? - also...IRS Swap Anyone??

    There was an issue of Fourwheeler magazine in which someone had a 2005 F-150 rearend swapped out with the IRS from an Expedition. They ended up modifying an F-150 lift kit in the front to 4" and then a custom setup in the rear. I wish the company he had do it would turn that into a kit so that...
  9. TheGuyJones

    86 Suburban, warwgn's build.

    Welcome and sweet burban. Looks like you made good use of it out in Choke Cherry. I grew up in Farmington. Learned to drive stick shift (well, drive period) out in Choke Cherry. Did a lot of mountain biking out there too before moving. Haven't been back to Farmington since 2006 for a...
  10. TheGuyJones

    Vehicle Ideas

    I have had my 05 Expedition for just over 3 years. I haven't had any issues with it at all and I am just above 95K miles (purchased with 56K). When I was purchasing, I had the dealer backup a Tahoe, a Sequoia and this Expo together to compare. With all three rows up, the expo had more room...
  11. TheGuyJones

    Duraburb Project

    I will definitely be following the progress on this one. I have always wanted to do this. :drool:
  12. TheGuyJones

    Help me get started ...

    I currently own a 2005 expedition which is still stock, but I do have future plans for it and have been looking around at things to do with it. I would say there is a bigger aftermarket following for Tahoes (which I am also a fan of as well). I ended up with the Expo due to price (purchased in...
  13. TheGuyJones

    07 Explorer

    Just looking on Google, found this. There is an Explorer (same generation as yours) that I have seen a couple times around my parts that looks like it would have this same amount of lift, a bull bar...
  14. TheGuyJones

    Red October Build

    Wheels turned out great. I would like to do mine someday if I decide to keep stock versus getting aftermarket wheels when I do finally get some bigger tires.
  15. TheGuyJones

    The Bigger Red Pig

    My guess is looks like you're riding a little higher (mild lift kit?)
  16. TheGuyJones

    Best way to align & hang multiple frames?

    My wife and I will lay out the frames on the floor to visually see how we like things spaced and placed. On top of this, you can use butcher paper as a template. Lay frames on the butcher paper on the floor, trace around the frames to designate where you want them. Then you can determine...
  17. TheGuyJones

    To keep my Suburban or not??? that is the question

    My vote would be keep the suburban. Spend the bit on the axles and enjoy having more space for cargo, sleeping, etc.
  18. TheGuyJones

    help make the right choice

    Any of those would be kick-a rigs. I like the idea of either of the standard cab-long bed setups. But sounds like the Ramcharger would be the way to go if you are concerned about keeping up in the woods with your Dad. Plus you already have a full enclosure for all your gear (and sleeping)...
  19. TheGuyJones

    Red October Build

    All that hard work to make the look so good and they're gonna go behind the grill. Sort of a shame, but at the same time I definitely get the look you are going for. I've ran the idea in my mind about putting some lights behind the grill of my expo.
  20. TheGuyJones

    Another Great Debate...I hope

    IMO, diesel would be the way to go. I suggest doing some reading on the 6.5 over on this link.