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  1. autism family travels

    The Patriot is getting some much needed love......Finally

    Well, the old pat has told me it's time to do some work on it. The Throttle body has failed causing it to go into limp mode. I cleaned it, but the damage was already done. Caused by a failed PCV valve letting oil into the intake and gumming up the TB. So she's in the shop now, waiting for...
  2. autism family travels

    2004 TJ rear lower control arms for 2" ome lift with factory style bushings?

    We are fixing up my friends awesome TJ extended length rig. His control arms are rough country with the crappy johnny joints. 2 are after wearing out already. He just wants stock style that are adjustable or made for the 2" of lift he has on his rig now. Any suggestions?
  3. autism family travels

    anyone have ram mounts? Mine won't tighten...

    I have a ram mount x mount for my tablet on a small arm. It won't tighten. Even after cranking on the mount bracket, the tablet mount still rotates over bumps. Any ideas? is there something in the X mount that needs tightening?
  4. autism family travels

    Check out our travels....We will be doing much more this year...and more off pavement trips too!

    We are a family who has a 14 year old little man who has autism. He loves being outdoors, our two jeeps, camping, mountian biking and more. You can follow along with us on our blog I am now working from home and can devote more time to our blog and social media...
  5. autism family travels

    Anyone know where I could aquire a set of Mopar high clearance fenders

    I am wanting a set of Mopar high clearance fenders for my JK unlimited. anyone know where I can get a set? Looking two do a low CG setup on my wrangler and 37's. I am planning on using a 1.75" lift, 1.25" body lift and the Mopar fenders. That would give enough lift for 37's without going 4"...
  6. autism family travels

    Anyone running Hella's 450 LED and 500 LED lights?

    Anyone using these? what are your thoughts on them?
  7. autism family travels

    anyone using a F150 supercab with 8 foot box?

    There is one for sale around me for a great deal. Elderly owned, well maintained not a crap ton of miles on it. Anyone using one of these for camping and exploring?
  8. autism family travels

    A friend of mine is looking at a 2008 dodge mega cab, he's wondering about a cheap good suspension option...Any ideas on this?

    My buddy is looking at buying a 2008 mega cab, he was poking around looking at options for a small lift to fit some bigger tires and go adventuring/hunting/camping in the back country here. I told him Carli 3", until he saw the price. Ha ha. Any cheaper options that will give SOME WHAT...
  9. autism family travels

    New frontier pro 4x owner, want to upgrade / lift my rig.

    My truck will be here in a few months, I want to have the suspension bought and ready to go on when it gets to the dealer. I am looking for a couple of inches higher, able to take the weight of the arb bumper/winch combo, be able to tow a camping trailer (I don’t mind using air bags for...
  10. autism family travels

    Not sure where to post this...SO! buying a new truck. Thoughts?

    I am currently truck shopping. I want a small truck, I am buying new and I am down to picking the truck I want. I am looking at the following Tacoma TRD off road 4 door short box Colorado z71 4 door short box diesel Nissan frontier Pro 4x 4 door short box I am leaning towards the...
  11. autism family travels

    Since I loved my last suspension setup, going to do pretty much the same again! BUT. with some updates

    I was looking on moparpartsonline. there is a rear spring listed with a 61 end number. Is this a stiffer spring than the 60s? I am going with the 19/60 spring combo if these are not stiffer. I plan on running the following on my new JK. 19/60s teraflex leveling kit Falcon 3.1s teraflex...
  12. autism family travels

    Anyone using Cooper AT3 XLT tires?

    I just noticed these. I am thinking about getting them in 285/75/17 when I get my new (to me) JKU. What are everyone's thoughts on these. I ran Maxx and BFG AT on my last JKU. AT's being the better of the two for my usage. I am thinking the AT3 would be a great all rounder!
  13. autism family travels

    Well, I am coming back in a new'ish JKU!

    I tried to use the patriot as an overlandish rig. It's no good off road for our areas. Stuff I use to sail right on through doing 80kph plus I have to go 20kph in the pat. So...instead of buying another gas mizer, we are getting a 2013 up JKU in white. As soon as well sell our current...
  14. autism family travels

    Drove a JKU and JLU back to back yesterday...JK is still better.

    I drove a JKU and JLU back to back yesterday while the patriot was in getting tire reprogramming. In my opinion the JKU rides better, is quieter, and just an overall better vehicle than the JL. I was dazzled by the electronic gadgetry in the JL and one thing that is awesome is the 4WD auto...
  15. autism family travels

    Need help trying to diagnose rattle in dash. 05 z71 burb

    I have a rattle/clunk in the drivers side dash, I have looked at everything, taken the speedo out and looked around and cannot find anything. The only thing I did find is some sensor on the steering shaft moves, but it does not make the sound I’m hearing. Any ideas, clues etc what it...
  16. autism family travels

    2015 Jeep Patriot overlander build.

    Some here may know my rig already. But those who don’t. Here we go. Here is my official build thread for our patriot. Going a lottle (yes that’s a word imo) overboard with the under pinnings. Getting king coil overs with reservoirs for shocks and ride height adjustment as well as some...
  17. autism family travels

    Normal looking front bumper for 2005 suburban

    Trying to find a bumper that does not look like it came from the thunderdome. ARB has a decent one. The LC100 converted ARB is probably the best. Any others that are normal looking. There are also a few for the earlier suburbans etc, but most for the 2005 look terrible and are WAY TO BIG!