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  1. OllieChristopher

    Solar on engine hood?

    This is becoming a popular trend for over-landers. I do not see the engine heat effecting the panel at all. As long as the underside is insulated you should be good to go. I personally think it is the lamest looking thing right up there with a snorkel. OTOH it's not my rig so all that matters...
  2. OllieChristopher

    Looking for recommendations on some decent cheap 100w rigid solar panels

    I'm using a 50 watt ACOPOWER rigid mono crystalline panel to keep my dual batteries charged in my truck. It has proven to be very reliable day in day out. You can get a 100 watt one for around 90 bucks.
  3. OllieChristopher

    Jackery 1000 Power Generator Overview

    Far more gas vehicles have burned to the ground than electric. An electrical connection loose that is not being checked is no different than a loose fuel line. I have the Jackery 300 solar generator and I'm really enjoying it. My wife and I use it every week to power my portable cooler when...
  4. OllieChristopher

    Need help completing my solar setup for 12v fridge

    You might want to just purchase a few XT60 connectors with wires already attached. Amazon has them for pretty cheap. This way you can make a few pigtails with whatever connector you need at the end.
  5. OllieChristopher


    Thank you for that link Art. While i have not used RedArc products, I have read nothing but good reviews and not heard of failures.
  6. OllieChristopher

    First post Jackery

    Would it be possible to stay on track and not change my words and use confusing statements? Not funny when a member is trying to get some help.
  7. OllieChristopher

    First post Jackery

    Only vehicle batteries. The Jackery is a stand alone solar generator with a built in charge controller.
  8. OllieChristopher

    Second Alternator Charging Lithium Battery Bank

    What brands would that be? When you are running high amperage draw equipment (winches, lights, stereos, etc) beyond the rated output of your alternator the OEM one will die just like an aftermarket. I have a Mechman brand. It is one of the best aftermarket alternators in the industry. You are...
  9. OllieChristopher

    First post Jackery

    I'm thinking he is using the Jackery solar generator as aux power. If in fact you are using the Solar Generator for aux power and want to use your trucks batteries for powering up your "essentials", the charge controller simply has to be rated for the amount of solar input you plan on hooking...
  10. OllieChristopher

    Solar Generator/Solar panel efficiency

    How big is it and what does it weigh?
  11. OllieChristopher

    Solar Generator/Solar panel efficiency

    That's what I like about these units. Also they can be moved around to use in different situations.
  12. OllieChristopher

    Solar Generator/Solar panel efficiency

    A gas generator uses petroleum as an energy source to keep an internal combustion engine operating in order to spin a turbine that converts motive power into electricity for use in an external circuit. A solar generator uses the sun as an energy source to power a battery pack in order to...
  13. OllieChristopher

    Solar Generator/Solar panel efficiency

    These portable solar Generators as well as solar panels are getting more and more capacity and efficient at an alarming rate. Just a few years ago you would be hard pressed to get an affordable solar panel that put out anything more than 10-15% efficiency. Now you can get relatively cheap...
  14. OllieChristopher

    Bluetti AC200Max/AC300/B300 Power stations/Solar Generators

    Hi guys just got a Email from Bluetti for these new power stations/solar generators being made available in a few weeks. What makes them unique is the ability to add "piggy back" aux battery packs and solar charge in just over 2 hours to capacity with only 1400 watts (12 amps) of juice. Other...
  15. OllieChristopher

    Difference between Hilux & Tacoma

    One of the biggest differences that blows me away are the ball joints on the Hilux. One single indestructible huge ball joint built into the hub on each side of the 4wd model.
  16. OllieChristopher

    Jackery 300 + ICECO VL45Pro S @ 20 degrees F = 16hrs runtime

    Jackery 300 + my pre cooled to 35 degrees BougeRV 12V Portable 30 quart cooler loaded with drinks and lunch. Temperature outside was 90-100F. I stuck the cooler in the cars back seat and drove to our cabin 2 hours away up and 2.5 hours back home. While parked with windows rolled up it was over...
  17. OllieChristopher

    how to best protect 6 gauge 30 Adc power and ground under truck

    Hi Chet, You should be very happy with that split loom. Also kind along the same line of your project is to use quality zip ties that last. I use the Thomas and Betts brand zip ties with the stainless inserts. They are a bit pricy but last a long time and don't come loose like the cheap ones at...
  18. OllieChristopher

    how to best protect 6 gauge 30 Adc power and ground under truck

    It is a simple matter of just checking the temperature specs and manufacturer. I personally use the Electriduct brand. I have been using it for many years and it is very difficult to copy or counterfeit. It is identified by the blue stripe. It is the most fire retardant loom I have been able to...
  19. OllieChristopher

    “Real” off-road trailers…

    It's the journey to get there that destroys the rigs. I do not have to own a rig to understand how fragile it is. All the rigs the OP and others have listed are just not up to the task of the type of off highway travel I described or shown. Lets just say that the dozens of "off road trailers"...
  20. OllieChristopher

    “Real” off-road trailers…

    I could not recommend any production trailer on the market today. When racing desert all the ones I have seen taken to the pit/camp areas have issues within the first 6 months or so. I have also done repairs on buddies and got to a point where I realized a custom build is going to be the only...