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  1. MobileAndMonitoring

    Glacier Hiking and Four Wheel Driving

    Hiked my first real glacier here in Alaska. Had the whole Gulkana Glacier to myself which was really amazing. After the hike I drove a bit north and found a backway to about the same icefield and was able to get my Tundra up to 5000ft . The trail was incredible and a little challenging at times...
  2. MobileAndMonitoring

    Driving though Canada to Alaska during the Covid-19 Pandemic

    I just finished driving from Southern California to Alaska and wrote a blog post about it. 3322 miles in just 4 days. Wish I could have seen Canada a lot slower but Canada and myself were taking the Covid-19 thing pretty seriously. Feel free to check out my full write up on my website here...
  3. MobileAndMonitoring

    Price Drop on LifePO4 200ah Battery

    Just noticed the AIMS 200ah LifePO4 battery dropped in price on Amazon. Anyone have any experience with this battery? Think it's worthwhile?
  4. MobileAndMonitoring

    Replace AGM house battery to LifePO4?

    Hello Expo, We decided to go full time in our 2005 Toyota Tundra 3 months ago and have been on the road since. We've had 3 months of using our electrical system on the truck 24/7 and are considering upgrading our 4 year old AGM house battery to lithium (LifePO4) rather than replacing the AGM...
  5. MobileAndMonitoring

    *SOLD* 1st Gen Tundra Overland Leaf Pack

    For sale are a set of Archive Garage/Deaver Overland Leaf Springs for the 1st Gen Tundra (2000-2006). These springs have less than 5k miles on them. When I installed them ride quality in the rear and the extra travel was like night and day. If you have a shell or carry a constant load in the...
  6. MobileAndMonitoring

    Mobile and Monitoring's 1st Gen Tundra

    Long time lurker here on Expo. I've finally found some time to work on the truck and put together some pictures of what I'm doing to it. Also decided to create a new account (old account is MobTuff) as we'll be also creating a website to log our upgrades and travels on. There's been so many...