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  1. tacollie

    Am I paying to much?

    We are looking at purchasing a 17+ F250. I started shopping in March right when covid started to take off. We ended up buying a rental property but I have been watching the prices. Trucks were $5k lower in the spring. Were they low then or are they high now? I did a KBB search on our...
  2. tacollie

    Flippac torsion bar

    My torsion bar broke on my 7 month old Flippac. 5 Star RV where I bought it from said they would instal the new one free but I don't really want them touching it since they didn't instal the Flippac well to begin with. Has anyone here actually installed a torsion bar on a Flippac?I think I have...
  3. tacollie

    69er MTB

    I am in the process of ordering a custom Sycip mtb(hardtail) and am seriously considering a 69er and just wanted to see if anyone here had anything to say about them. I have had minimal experience with them. Manualing and coaster wheelies are near impossible for me on a 29er so I am not going...
  4. tacollie

    2005 Tacoma flippac

    My truck on craigslist. I have more pictures I can e-mail anyone.
  5. tacollie

    SOA fj55

    I have been going back and forth for a long time about what to do with my fj 55. I had kind of decided to stay in the 3in lift range. But recently I decided to keep my Tacoma which will probably be used for longer trips(time wise) therefore longer distances. So my logic is I could go SOA with...
  6. tacollie


    I was just looking for real world measurements on tires thise size mounted on the rim and/or vehicle. I am looking at the BFG ATs, but would like to here about other tires to, ecspecially if there is a brand a little taller and/or narrower. Good snow and ice characteristics are important for...
  7. tacollie

    05 Brake Mediocrity

    I was just wondering what people thought about their brakes on the newer Tacos. I have a 05 and it is kind of heavy but the brakes just don't seem to "feather". You really have to stand on them. I have bleed them and had them bleed and still no success. The stock brakes on my 02 honestly...
  8. tacollie

    I have gone to the dark side

    I recently said good by to my 02 Taco and have gone to an 05 Taco! This is a big adjustment for many reasons and why I felt I have gone to the dark side. My 02 truck was built and the 05 is stock. I have made the jump to an auto tranny(I am not crazy about this). I always said the 02 was the...
  9. tacollie

    95.5-04 Tacoma Slee sliders

    I have a set of slee bolt on sliders. They are in great shape. I have never actually needed them when I had them. They fit the extended cab and 4 door tacos. $350.00. I am in Colorado Springs, CO.
  10. tacollie

    Which earthroamer

    My step dad is selling his one year old Sportsmobile(only 12,000 miles) and going to ER. He can't decide on the Ford or Dodge. His worry is that they are relatively new motors in each. He is most worried about the reliability. I was just wondering if any one has any info or experiences with...
  11. tacollie

    Scary Brake Failure

    Driving to lunch the other day and went to stop at a light and had almost no brakes. SCARY! Was able to stop. Found that the bolt that connects the brake line to the caliper had loosed. I didn't know what to think so I went home and torqued all the brake component bolts I could find. Every...
  12. tacollie

    Does anyone know what wheels these are?

    I was wondering which wheels these are. Thanks.
  13. tacollie

    I know this is an old topic but still? Coilovers

    I am debating over which coilover. King or Donahoe. I hear that Kings are by far the best, but Doahoe is pretty freakin sweet. I almost bought a set of Kings for $850, but I was told I would be hard pressed to get more than 2in. of lift. I want 2.75. This with the fact they don't add a...
  14. tacollie

    ARB Bumper Diet

    I have an 2002 Tacoma with an ARB bumper. I was wondering if anyone has some pictures of one that has been trimed to loose some weight and to clear bigger tires. My front end sets almost 1.5" lower than the rear with the stiff OME springs.
  15. tacollie


    I am thinking about getting a rooftop tent and want to hear what some people who have them have to say. I would like to be able to fit two people comfortably. I want something with a foam mattress. I will be using it for winter camping so I need to be able to heat the inside. For now it is...
  16. tacollie

    UZJ100 vs. Tacoma

    I have a delema. My brother is willing to trade his 100 series straight up for my Tacoma. I have had my Tacoma since it was new. The LC has been in the family since it was new. I do not know what to do. First my Tacoma: TRD, 5-speed manual, ARB Bull Bar, slee sliders, H4 lights, 120K miles...
  17. tacollie

    Dodge 5500

    In the near future Dodge is coming out with a 5500 model with a big cummins and alison transmission(for 2008). I am helpping my step dad build a vehicle for long range travel and some 4x4. He currently has a Sports Mobile Ford van with a power stroke. He wants something with better living...