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  1. Victory_Overland

    I'm not a gear head... would an LR3 be for me?

    Don’t need to be a gearhead; need to understand computer logic and electrical. I don’t mean need to fix all but knowledge of system interface is key. Love my LR3 as it’s served me well. Can’t say I’ll have it forever but will never ******** talk it.
  2. Victory_Overland

    My GF’s LR3

    In Oceanside; gotta link up with you peeps
  3. Victory_Overland

    LR3 gearing

    Agree w/ @Carson G, going to put that much coin and effort into the LR3, do a live axle swap.
  4. Victory_Overland

    DIY Green Oval Experience or Faskit or What do you carry for EAS trail failure?

    Jack up the vehicle to unload the full suspension weight before you air it up; front and rear crossmember works or left or right frame rail to do one side at a time. The GOE kit it’s a trail fix to get you off the trail, not a full-time solution so it will take ingenuity to problem solve...
  5. Victory_Overland

    Project Victory_Overland 08 LR3 Build Thread!

    Been a bit since I last posted but Victory is still running strong in Beast Mode! After some strong and welcomed advice from @Ray_G I’ve made the move to coils. Went with the AB HD kit and initial reviews are that it’s a solid choice all around. @Ray_G advised the addition upgrade to rear coils...
  6. Victory_Overland

    LR3 and LR4 Brake Life

    Just curious what everyone is getting for average brake life before you get the brake light or failure or shaking, etc. and need a brake job! Curious to see who is running what and what kind of life everyone is getting! Yes, the type of use matters, don't over complicate it! Now quit...
  7. Victory_Overland

    Land Rover LR4 Stock Tire Sizes

    Part numbers are in my build, the only parts you need from over the pond are the factory 17" Disco 3 wheel. I also have a set of BMW X5 wheels that I will probably be posting for sale soon that bolt right up! Since Victory is not a daily driver, the KM2 muddies are a permanent install...
  8. Victory_Overland

    Damage coming off the truck

    Exactly; nobody really knows how much damage is really there so it's on you and you alone to decide that. Best wishes and keep us posted!
  9. Victory_Overland

    Hood Mounted Solar!!

    Yep, 100w in perfect conditions and perfect angles; no over-heat conditions like engine time, etc; I'd bet 75w max overall average which is not bad but not for the price and "no portability" option! I would say it will surely be a good top off option for daily use on a single battery fridge...
  10. Victory_Overland

    Save The Rovers

    Not sure what the problem is; says here that it only has a headlight fault! :ROFLMAO: On a serious note; send in a lowball offer to the insurance company selling it! That Rover is fixable and would be an epic trail wagon! A quick looks shows the crumple zones do not look compromised; hell...
  11. Victory_Overland

    Hood Mounted Solar!!

    Charge controller is NOT included; extra $99 on the $419 and a total of $138 if you want the panel, controller, and vinyl hood patch which is "highly recommended" so you do not have to stick the panel to your paint option! Add tax and you have $600 dead presidents on the hood that is not...
  12. Victory_Overland

    LandRover Disco shifts like manual random! Thoughts

    oooohhhhhhhhh Ashcroft; yes please! Can't go wrong there!
  13. Victory_Overland

    Damage coming off the truck

    Walk into the parts guy and ask him for a quote on all the parts that are damaged; you can do this at any dealer and I'd bet you are going to get the "we can't get those parts yet" comment; oh, and then there is the paint, labor, etc.! Hate to say it but that is thousands of dollars worth of...
  14. Victory_Overland

    Drug Dealer?

    Not sure what size mounting hardware you are looking for but great kit for slider gear and protection; keeps the hardware usable from marring and sheering completely off. Great work! Conical Washers
  15. Victory_Overland

    Land Rover LR4 Stock Tire Sizes

    Not sure on this; I was told at one time that the knuckle on the LR3 and LR4 are different in some fashion. I have 17" and V6 brakes on my LR3 (best mod ever) and asked a year ago and some members stated there is a difference keeping the 3 and 4 components from fitting. I can't confirm as I...
  16. Victory_Overland

    Air Compressor that can set a tubeless bike tire?

    I haven't read through all of this but you can wrap a cargo strap around the circumference of the tire and cinch it down on the center of the contract patch which helps bush the bead outward and manually seat the bead as much as possible; little water helps to seal it! With the stem installed...
  17. Victory_Overland

    LandRover Disco shifts like manual random! Thoughts

    Check fluid level and trans pressure?
  18. Victory_Overland

    Proud Rhino Bumper LR3 Review

    Looks great; curious to hear about the dash cams and more details please! ON the bumper note; can you remove the grill and more importantly the headlights without removing the bumper?
  19. Victory_Overland

    Hood Mounted Solar!!

    $500 and no charge controller? Yikes! I do like the design and if @2.ooohhh is correct they sound very durable if they are walk on design! I'll agree with a less vehicle specific which is why I like the 75-100w generic design that is removable from the hood for portable; I too need a...