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  1. The_Squid

    Fly fishing question

    I agree with everything above. A 6wt is a good ‘all-around’ rod that you can do just about anything with. But if you don’t mind shelling out a few dollars, I think you would get more enjoyment out of a lighter rod (4wt or even a 3wt if the fish aren’t very big).
  2. The_Squid

    iKamper Skycamp initial thoughts and observations

    I don’t know the differences between 1 & 2, but a couple things... The fibreglass is not flimsy on mine like it was in the original post review. The mattress may have been upgraded, but, for me, it’s too thin. We throw a 3” memory foam up there. I don’t find that to be a big deal. We...
  3. The_Squid

    Telescoping RTT "build"

    Looks like a great little trailer. I would only question the need to have it telescoping a one foot difference for towing. Why bother?
  4. The_Squid

    Custom Aluminum Build

    Finally got to test out the new trailer for a few days. Everything went great. No issues. The RTT was significantly more stable than having it on the Subaru. We have Jacks at the 4 corners, which held the trailer very steady. The cooler up front in the box was accessible yet secure...
  5. The_Squid

    "E-bike" mopeds more dangerous than motorcycles?

    More dangerous than motorcycles? I highly doubt that, as, unlike the guy in the video, most people don’t ride their e-bikes nearly as fast as people ride motorcycles.. Make more cycling infrastructure and limit speeds. There won’t be problems.
  6. The_Squid

    Foldable/Inflatable Boats?

    I’m a bit late to this thread. Not sure if the OP has found something already. I own a Stryker 380. It folds up and can easily fit into my pickup, or our Subaru. It will also fit onto our little expedition trailer, which also has an outboard mount on the side. It has removable aluminium...
  7. The_Squid

    Custom Aluminum Build

    Thank you! It’s not the prettiest build... but we think it’s going to work for us very well. It will allow us more freedom once at the campsite to travel around and not have to break down camp to do so. One thing we would do if we could have a do-over would be to make the cage not as tall...
  8. The_Squid

    Custom Aluminum Build

    My first post here. I’ve been lurking a while and have scooped some good ideas from all of you, so thank you for this great forum and the great members for all their input! My spouse and I had this trailer built at a local custom trailer builder here on Vancouver Island. We did a drawing with...