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  1. RHINO

    bed damage

    you guys runnin flips and other camper shells might want to keep an eye on your beds,,,,,, i have ALOT of off road miles on mine and this is whats happeneing. the bed sides are extremely thin and lightweight and i'm sure fine for most of you folks, but keep an eye out just in case.
  2. RHINO

    flippac rear window

    i am on the hunt for a rear window to fit the small flips,,, i am looking for the complete unit, frame and all. hoping someone might be parting out a flip?
  3. RHINO

    at first this looks awesome for pop ups,,,

    but further reading states it does not work well on fabrics,,,,, yet.
  4. RHINO

    fridge wanted

    just went ahead and pulled the trigger on a new ARB from sierra expeditions, nothing like that new fridge smell. my desired layout of a side opening lid woulda been the waeco/dometic but i figure the reputation ARB has worked so hard to establish, and supporting a local buisiness (nobody round...
  5. RHINO

    edgestar FP430,,, cheap

    so i got this fridge 3 yrs ago or so, its been a great fridge for the money. i always planned on getting an ARB ect. when this fridge went out on me. well it finally did. been sitting for a while in the garage and i went to fire it up and no cooling. everything comes on and the compressor seems...
  6. RHINO

    expedition trekking poles

    SOLD ! title is cheeky dont get all bent out of shape. if anybody is interested i have a pair of leki enzian poles that i only used a couple times and decided i dont really like using poles. they been sitting in my bedroom for a couple years so they are just about new still. i'll snap a pic...
  7. RHINO

    5lb propane tanks

    these are sold,,, thanks for playing
  8. RHINO

    market for a trailer base "kit" ?

    say a guy was to offer a "rolling chassis" of a trailer, think of a simple box trailer, like the popular M-416 w/o the box, you would then have a complete base to build your top on to it, whatever that may be. the chassis would be the same basic design but any custom size. would that be...
  9. RHINO

    deal or no deal?

    redline and any others welcome,,, this seems like a great price, but i dont know the tire, and a C load rating, what ya think?
  10. RHINO

    5# propane tank

  11. RHINO


    kinda camping,,,, for those of you who have a rv, trailer ect. or just want a micro, home depot has a very small one on a special buy for only $25. its not 12v but heck, 25 bucks.
  12. RHINO

    cool older grill well that youtube vid looks dated but apparently still around and they have this smaller one too
  13. RHINO

    expedition toilet paper

    so it dawned on me we havent had a toilet paper thread have we? i mean not an expedition worthy toilet paper. i have been searching and i cant seem to find the perfect roll, heres the criteria. it needs to be tear resistant to stand up to the rigors of off pavement vibration, i mean who wants...
  14. RHINO

    this thing is kinda cool
  15. RHINO

    67 kaiser

    incredible list of mods to this old rig producing an interesting vehicle. i wish the pics were better.
  16. RHINO


    i see talk of laptops, and now the small netbooks. i am going to be getting into the computer in the truck thing and i always figured a tablet would be the way to go. are there downsides i'm not thinking about?
  17. RHINO

    little explore trip in western AZ

    i've been wanting to do some exploring in an area not many folks visit. i invited a buddy of mine who has never done a big multi day remote trip like this before, he had a blast and admitted its not something he would have done and appreciated me bringing him along, and i of course was happy to...
  18. RHINO

    stainless steel water cooler

    i've been lookin for a while,, trying to find an old metal cooler, like an arctic boy but with the stainless inside liner instead of plastic... i had on old olive drab one that came with my ol willys flatfender, but it walked away and i want another. does anybody have one that they'd let go?