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  1. LateNate

    For Sale Tacoma Front Runner Slimline 2 Roof Rack

    53 1/2 x 49 1/2 Currently on a Gen 2 Tacoma Location: Walnut Shade, MO
  2. LateNate

    For Sale 2014 Tacoma DCSB Turn Key Overlander

    For sale is a 2014 DCSB Tacoma with 135,000miles. This is my daily. Theres another Tacoma for sale that I have my eyes on and I'd like to sell this truck to a happy home to purchase the other. I have slowly built this truck up over the years and have used it. Cross country trips and local trip...
  3. LateNate

    Sold 2002 FWC Falcon

    What’s up guys. I have an 02 Falcon for sale. $7700. Fully factory loaded. It does need a new lift panel in the front and probably a new one in the rear eventually. I am working to repair that now, but could possibly be talked to a lower price to sell as is. Sent from my iPhone using...
  4. LateNate

    Picked up a FWC Falcon

    First FWC. She’s an 02. Didn’t even knew they made these until I saw it pop up near me. It needs a bit of work. Any advice would be awesome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. LateNate

    For Sale: 2005 KTM Adventure S Southern MO

    For sale is my 2005 KTM Adventure S. This bad boy is ready to ride and comes with everything need for an adventure ride. With 62, 000 miles it was no show pony. I have it across the country North and South, East and West. Tried and True. It would be a great first adventure bike for someone...
  6. LateNate

    The Dogs of Overland Expo 2015

    Unfortunatley my cameras battery charger fried on me on the way out to the Expo. It wasn't until I was able to borrow a camera that I started taking pictures. Also by then, it was Sunday, the last day, and the most favorable weather day. I would of liked to get some pictures of the inclement...
  7. LateNate

    Outside the Shade

    Short adventures around my neck of the woods. Enjoy.
  8. LateNate

    Crossfit and Adventure Motorcycling

    I enjoy Crossfit and motorcycling. These guys ( a couple of bigger names in Crossfit) are getting to do both. They have made up a few great short videos about their current Pan-American journey now. They are on their fifth episode and I think that ones has been the best. Enjoy Intro...
  9. LateNate

    Easter Kayaking Video
  10. LateNate

    Purchase a Ural?

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a 2008 Ural Patrol.
  11. LateNate

    Shake out the cobwebs

    So when I decided to go on my last trip I had my truck sitting in the shed for that time. Six months. I was happy to get her out and running around in the woods today. Little vid for you guys.
  12. LateNate


    Does anyone know how I can add the tracking progress of my spot account on to my website?
  13. LateNate

    Video Combo

    What would be a good combo for video and editing software?
  14. LateNate

    Restoring a 98 Frontier

    I was wondering if there was a company or a custom shop in the United States that could tackle restoring my truck. I wish I could do a lot of the work myself, but I dont have the tools or knowledge. I want to totaly restore my beat up Nissan. I mean, a frame off type job. New engine. Diesel...
  15. LateNate

    Two Burner Stove for Pan-Am?

    What is the best two burner stove to use while driving the Pan-Am highway. I would assume something very versitle as far as fuels go. I was thinking the colman one that accepts regular gas and white. It wont require a propane tank taking up space.
  16. LateNate

    Emergency Pack?

    What is the best product that combines a compressor/battery jumper/other helpfull features?
  17. LateNate

    Climbing the Pan-Am

    I will soon be taking the Pan-Am road trip here at the end of May. I was hoping to do a little networking and find some climbing parterns out there. I plan on bring almost all my gear and really want to take advantage of all the awesome climbing potential all the way down. Thanks
  18. LateNate

    Spearfishing the Pan-Am

    Whats up guys. I will be driving to Argentina soon and was wanting to spearfish all along the way. Does anyone know about the rules and regs of each country regarding spearfishing. I figure as I get to each country I would find out, but I was wondering if anyone here knew anymore so I could...
  19. LateNate

    Extendable Legs?

    Is there any company's out there that make extendable legs. The camper I have has a big hatch back door on it and I wanted to add some support legs under when it is open. I plan on being able to throw a tarp over it when its open. If you want to see pics go to the "It's our turn for the Pan-Am"...
  20. LateNate

    2008 KTM 450exc-r FOR SALE

    Street Legal, aftermarket hand guards, skid plate and rear tail light assembly. I have all documents regarding work/maintenace done and a clean title. Bike has a little over 50 hrs and around 1100 miles on it. Asking $7000 OBO. [/IMG] [/IMG]