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  1. Robert Bills

    Are there any 39" or 6' Wide Awnings on the market?

    I have a '46 Bantam trailer with covered wagon style canvas top and Yakima style bars to which I am in the process of mounting an old school Conferr 6' long roof rack. I need a 6' awning to mount on the passenger side of the rack. ARB, Smittybilt, etc. have 6.5' awnings, which are too long for...
  2. Robert Bills

    How-To: Rotopax Water Can Siphon - Running Water for Only $10

    How-To: Rotopax Water Can Siphon Running Water for Only $10 Rotopax 2-gallon water cans are a convenient way to carry water for car camping or overlanding. They can be stored vertically or horizontally, inside or outside you vehicle, and the compact size makes it possible to fit them into...
  3. Robert Bills

    Anyone have Experience with Aussie Swags and Swag Brands Available in the US?

    I am intrigued by Aussie "swags," i.e. roll-up tents with incorporated mattress pads, like this: For those of you either have one, used one, or know someone who has, I am interested in your opinions as to comfort, durability, performance in bad weather, ease of packing or lack thereof, etc...
  4. Robert Bills

    Interior Cargo Rack for 05-15 Xterra

    I recently acquired an interior cargo rack for my Xterra, designed and built by a fellow Xterra owner who sold his rig. I was lucky to get it. Here are some photos that might be a design inspiration for others addressing the issue of how to efficiently store offroading/camping gear in an...
  5. Robert Bills

    Recommendations Wanted - Poor Man's Group 27 Deep Cycle or Marine/Trolling Batteries

    I currently have an ancient Wallyworld Everstart 27DC-6 12v marine battery in my Bantam trailer which is in need of replacement. The label claims 115 amp hours but I have never believed it. It is (more accurately, was) used to power my Engel 45 12v fridge and some lights. Occasionally the...
  6. Robert Bills

    Wanted: Sources for "Soft Shackles"

    I am looking for sources for "soft shackles" to augment my recovery kit in addition to the very expensive "Bubba Rope" brand. I have regular D-shackles as pictured below, but I have encountered circumstances where a "soft shackle" would have worked better, such as with factory tow hooks...
  7. Robert Bills

    FYI - Campfire-In-A-Can Kickstart Project - Great Price for Early Birds

    Just a FYI - Campfire-In-A-Can has launched a Kickstart project for a 3-fuel Campfire-In-A-Can - wood, charcoal and propane. Should the project be successful the "early birds" can opt to receive one of these for $129 + $25 shipping, which is less than 50% of the anticipated regular price...
  8. Robert Bills

    Comet SS-460SB NMO or Larsen NMO-2/70SH??? Is One "Better?"

    Ok, I’ve over-analyzed my choice of antennas to the point of paralysis. :drool: Please help me choose which one of these two dual band antennas for my Yaesu FT-90R. I need to get this done. Comet SS-460SB NMO 18” closed coil with spring, black [$43.95] Published specs: 146MHz 1/4 wave...
  9. Robert Bills

    WTB: Yakima X Towers #0109 for Xterra

    I am looking for a set of 4 Yakima X Towers, part #0109, for a Nissan Xterra. I'll take two if that's all you have. Please send me a PM if you have some for sale or know someone who does. Thanks. PS - They look like this:
  10. Robert Bills

    Bob's "New" Xterra

    I'm new to the Nissan forum on Expo, but have participated on the Expedition Trailer page for many years. My 40+ years offroading has been primarily in a Jeep. Most recently I had a rockcrawler CJ-7, locked front and rear with 35s. However, as I've gotten older I've realized that my interests...
  11. Robert Bills

    Need Referral ASAP for LR Mechanic to Inspect Potential Purchase (LA/OC)

    I am again looking for a "used but not abused" Disco I. I will look at a potential candidate on Friday, and need a referral to a good Land Rover mechanic for a thorough inspection, preferably near Long Beach/Bellflower/Downey or close by in Orange County. Thanks for any help.
  12. Robert Bills

    Need Roof Rack Ideas for Can-Back Top

    I'm subscribed to the concurrent thread about home made roof racks. There is a reference to racks on Can-Back tops, but no details or photos, so I'm starting a thread specific to this application. I have a Can-Back top on my Bantam trailer. (See photos in the link below my signature.) I...
  13. Robert Bills

    Engel/ARB Fridge/Freezer Settings???

    I have an Engel/ARB MT-45 in my Bantam trailer. I have been running through the settings at "1/2" intervals from 1 and up to correlate the settings with real world fridge/freezer temperatures. I'm curious where those of you who own an MT-45 set your fridges for refrigerator use and for use...
  14. Robert Bills

    FS - Conferr Rack for "ZJ" Grand Cherokee

    FS - Conferr Rack SOLD!!! For Sale - Conferr Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee (definitely fits any ZJ and will most likely fit any WJ). Equipped with extension for front lights (allows sunroof to open), prewired for side and rear lights, expanded metal floor, mounts for Hi Lift and shovel/axe...
  15. Robert Bills

    Battery Recommendations Requested (Jeep)

    The Optima red top in my Jeep CJ-7 is toast - won't hold a charge after only 22 months. My prior red top only lasted two years as well, although the one before that lasted almost 5 years. My local jeep shop won't sell Optima batteries any longer. Their experience is the same as mine - the...
  16. Robert Bills

    Solar vs Generator use

    I have solar power on my "to do (eventually)" list for my trailer, and the PowerFilm unit is quite intriguing. However, and I hate to start a debate that may need it's own thread, the cost-benefit analysis between solar and a small Honda or Yamaha dino-powered generator is keeping me stuck in...
  17. Robert Bills

    Bantam T3-C Trailer FS in VA (Not Mine)

    Saw this Bantam trailer listed on another forum. Don't know the seller, or anything about the trailer other than what is in the thread, but thought someone here may be interested or know someone else who might.
  18. Robert Bills

    Wanted: Con-Ferr Rack

    I am looking for a "used but not abused" Con-Ferr rack, one-piece welded, 40"-44' wide x 65"-72" long. Preferably in SoCal. Please email or PM if you have one FS or know where one is. Thanks.
  19. Robert Bills

    Bantam T3-C FS in CO (not mine)

    See this thread: In Colorado. Price reduced. Looks restorable. (Caveat: I don't know the seller and haven't seen the trailer.)
  20. Robert Bills

    Electric Brakes for Bantam T3-C, T3, MBT or M100?????

    I know aftermarket axles with electric brakes are available to fit just about any trailer and lug pattern, but I am trying to determine whether it is possible/feasible to add electric brakes to a stock Bantam civilian T3-C axle. For those of you who aren't familiar with the civilian Bantam...