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  1. Hopeless Diamond

    Gen 2 rear springs in Baja?

    Anyone got a line on rear springs for a Gen 2? Currently in Guerrero Negro. Can travel but have to keep slow
  2. Hopeless Diamond

    Accurately reading voltage

    So, it's not a critical issue, more of a question on what is accurate and how to measure it. I have 3rd Gen 4runner with the stock alternator. I added a GM diode to the exciter circuit to raise the output voltage a little bit. I've added a "house" AGM through a solenoid and wanted to try and...
  3. Hopeless Diamond

    Rebelle Rally 2019

    Any one here have a significant other competing this year? My wife is #122 Team Anyway. First time for my wife, her teammate competed in the first one. What an awesome event. Been following along on the live tracking - (yelling at the screen doesn't seem to help them find the Check Points)...
  4. Hopeless Diamond

    Motorsports Cable and wiring techniques

    Some real cable and termination porn here. Lots of info on how the high end motorsports world does wiring. Good info on termination sealing that would definitely be applicable to the environments overlanding and off-roading in general present.
  5. Hopeless Diamond


    So, looks like the very few photos that I've uploaded to Photobucket and shared on various forums has overloaded their fragile system and now they want me to signup for their $40/mo plan in order to allow 3rd party access. Noticed that this is happening to many others too. I had used...
  6. Hopeless Diamond

    LED Headlights - heated, or not...

    As anyone with a JK/JKU with standard headlights knows, they are marginally better than a whale oil lamp. So I'm looking to upgrade to LEDs. We live in Western Washington so we don't get that much snow and ice, but when we do it's that wet sloppy stuff that builds up on everything. Heading...
  7. Hopeless Diamond

    B2B charger (i.e CTEK) vs. ACR straight off the alternator

    I'm looking to enhance the charging system for my house batteries in my pop-up camper, looking for some guidance from those much more knowledgeable than me (which almost everyone). Camper - Hallmark K2 with 2 x 6 volt "golf cart" batteries, ~220ah. I have 200w of solar that does keep up...
  8. Hopeless Diamond

    Looking to absorb some of the Jeep wisdom here

    So, we're looking to start down the path with getting into a Jeep JK (my pocket book has a bad feeling about this...). Ever since she could drive, my wife has wanted a Jeep. With the typical life getting in the way, raising a family, dealing with growing kids car needs first, supporting...
  9. Hopeless Diamond

    Volcano Grill to propane campfire?

    Anyone use a Volcano grill for a propane campfire during burn bans? Theoretically, wouldn't it be possible (assuming you have the propane attachment) to just add some ceramic logs?
  10. Hopeless Diamond

    Into the final countdown now...

    Long time lurker, occasional random nonsensical poster here. I want you all to know that I will be setting up an account for each of you to donate to to help pay for this stuff as you are all culpable in my purchases... So, next Wednesday we head to Ft. Lupton, CO to go pick up our new...
  11. Hopeless Diamond

    FS A.R.E CX canopy for SB Super Duty and sleeping/storage platform - Bellevue, WA

    Located in Bellevue, WA Cab height for Super Duty short bed. Color matched Ford Vermilion Red. Dual "Win-doors" (side opening windows with dual locking latches). • Tilt-up win-doors allow easy access to equipment and stored items • Sliding middle section provides instant cross-ventilation when...
  12. Hopeless Diamond

    Top Gear (again) and the cinder hill

    After watching the episode yet again (compared to most things on TV, I'd rather watch a re-run of that vs. a re-run of the other crap), I began wondering about the cinder hill sequence and why the LR did so much better than the other vehicles going up it. It seemed to not have any issue in the...
  13. Hopeless Diamond

    next generation hammock seems pretty ingenious
  14. Hopeless Diamond

    OK, don't laugh - Pinstriping protection?

    Yep, newbie here (at least on the forum). Been around the block many times and have not been known for worrying too much for keeping things pristine. Most of my vehicles end up looking "well-used" and I typically prefer a coat of dust to a coat of wax. I don't however like thrashing things...