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  1. Grenadiers

    Sliding window 24x13.5

    Steel framed non-locking sliding window. 24x13.5x1.25 cutout. $50 plus freight. PayPal or other online payment ok. Dave Ps. Could be aluminum, kinda heavy but thick glass.
  2. Grenadiers

    2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    Arizona Jeep now in Wisconsin, no winters. 78,000 miles, dark interior great condition. Automatic, no cruise control. Installed an Atlas II 3.8:1 transfer case, used one one trail. Installed a front Currie hi-pinion axle, Yukon air locker. Not sure on locker in back, never opened it up. Belly-up...
  3. Grenadiers

    1985 Saurer 6dm Overland Vehicle for sale, $65,000

    We bought a house in Mulege, Baja Sur and are selling our Helga. We have build write-up for the remodel we did for you to search. Currently located in Mulege and depending on when we leave, we’re going up through Arizona snaking our way back to Wisconsin for those interested in seeing her...
  4. Grenadiers

    Parking light

    Shot in the dark, no pun intended, but looking for a parking/running light for my Saurer. Pro bag is the name on the plastic element. And Buhler 3130
  5. Grenadiers

    Air seat air line connection

    I just installed an air ride seat in our Saurer. Can’t figure out which air line to tap. I have three air tanks, one just for the four air connections in back. The tanks are at 8 bar, would I need a regulator for the seat? Thanks, Dave
  6. Grenadiers

    FS: Sportscraft S6.1 seat

    Euro seat, removable head rest, excellent condition. No swivel, frame rails that bolt to a flat floor. $125, plus shipping. Can ship using a U-Haul wardrobe box via UPS.
  7. Grenadiers

    Tire pressure

    I have Continental HCS 14 R20 tires on our Saurer 6dm. The PSI rating on the sidewall is 120 psi. The tires currently have 95 psi in them since I bought the truck. The treadwear is not good. The center tread is wearing out faster than the outer tread. Under inflated tires, it’s usually the...
  8. Grenadiers

    Air ride seats

    Thought I'd post my question here, since it's a more active board. I have a Saurer 6dm, and want to add a pair of air ride seats. The mounting platform is flat. The seats in question are a matching pair from a Freightliner Cascadia. I currently have a spring/hydraulic seat for the driver and a...
  9. Grenadiers

    Swiss Army in Baja!

    My wife and I, two small dogs, and a cat, took off December 30th, 2017 in our new to us, 1985 Swiss-made, Saurer 6dm military camper conversion to Baja California. We purchased our 'Helga' (it is yellow, and Swiss!) in May of 2017, and spent three months adding 30" to the front of the cabin, and...
  10. Grenadiers

    Doubling battery bank question

    I have two brand new Lifeline GPL-4DL 12v batteries wired in series for 24v. They are 210ah a piece, so 210ah total in series. I'd like to add two more batteries totaling 420ah. We have 320 watts of solar power, with generator/shorepower backup utilizing an Iota DLS-27-40/IQ4. I connect the Iota...
  11. Grenadiers

    Just another battery voltage drop question!

    Wife and I have been adding on to our 1985 Saurer 6dm, for example, a 110v electrical system via generator or shorepower, along with a 2000w a 24v-110v inverter piggy-backed to batteries. I installed three sets of outlets, two for the 110v inverter, and one for the 110v via gen/shorepower. The...
  12. Grenadiers

    WTB: Waeco MDC-90 fridge

    If anyone has one, or knows where in the US to buy one, let me know!
  13. Grenadiers

    24/230v to 110v query

    Looking to add American appliances to our Euro Saurer 6dm build. Currently, we have two large Lifeline AGM batteries in series, coupled to 320 watts of solar. Also, a Ryobi 2000w generator which connects to a step-up voltage convertor then into the system. There's a Phoenix inverter for 24v to...
  14. Grenadiers

    1964 Unimog 404 - Arizona Ha ha: 'No computer chips in this one so when North Korea sets off their EMP you will be able to get to your rallying point.'
  15. Grenadiers

    Dometic Mini Heki Plus

    For Sale: Brand new in box, Dometic Mini Heki Plus. Requires a 400mm square opening, approximately, 15.75". Located in Prescott, AZ, can ship US only, $150.00 delivered, accept Paypal. Send info to ranger at
  16. Grenadiers

    Swiss Army, our 1985 Saurer 6DM build.

    Wife and I spent some time in Mexico this past winter in our 2004 Winnebago Vectra diesel pusher. We had a great time, and can't wait to go back (we are, Baja then mainland this winter), but the roads shook not only the RV, but my wife~! With large buses narrowly missing the side mirrors, two...