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  1. MOAK

    Feeler post....trying to gauge pricing (built 200 series imminent sale)

    5 to 10 years from now you will deeply regret keeping a Dodge over the Landcruiser.
  2. MOAK

    Gotta a chance to buy a LX450

    That steering wheel is in excellent shape. The previous owner must have used driving gloves. Nice job cleaning it all up
  3. MOAK

    Question about FR mounts

    Thank you, this is the kind of information I was seeking, so your answer is very proper. I have thought out and built the entire package and the weak link is the mounting system. With the kind of testing you have witnessed, I'd say my build and the Front Runner products, combined with grade 8...
  4. MOAK

    Question about FR mounts

    Cool, I use grade 8, as a matter of course, everywhere that is steel to steel, wood to steel, any old bolt will do, with lock nuts, regular & fender washers, everywhere. Normal use? Miles & miles of washboard, occasional rock crawling and lots of ledges, along with highway miles, during all...
  5. MOAK

    Question about FR mounts

    Hello all, it’s been a while. We finally made the switch from ground tenting to Rooftop tent. After our last two trips it is obvious we should have made the switch years ago. Our new RTT scales out at 162lbs and it was previously mounted with the long bolts and stainless bars. I’ve ordered an...
  6. MOAK

    Quest for the Perfect Family Tent

    Jet tent 25x is made by Oztent, but unfortunately is no longer available in the US. It packs down to a 48” length. Ours is at least 7 or 8 years old and has taken a beating in all kinds of weather. I see them on the used market occasionally and would look there. Ours is currently stored away...
  7. MOAK

    Gotta a chance to buy a LX450

    Congrats, you got that for a steal. Be careful using Rock Auto for things like control arm bushings or steering components. Use 555, steering links and oem bushings everywhere else whenever possible. If not possible contact suppliers that specialize in Landcruisers. They will not “ steer” you...
  8. MOAK

    Pinstripes and staying presentable

    Just now read this old post. I repainted our 450 eight years ago and went with a top color that would not show the pinstripes unless one gets really close and inspects it. The bottom color is rust oleum which I can easily touch up when it needs it. Then, I thought, wait just a minute, the OP...
  9. MOAK

    LS1 Swap Stories

    Yea, thanks, I'm asking about real world experience with a very specific engine in a Landcruiser 80 series. Peoples negative opinions just don't hold any water unless they have done the swap and are unhappy with it. The chevy 350 swap into Landcruisers has been happening since the late 60s...
  10. MOAK

    LS1 Swap Stories

    I’ve considered that, too bad it’s uncommon or it might be an affordable option. Do you speak from experience?
  11. MOAK

    LS1 Swap Stories

    Hello all, Im seriously considering an LS1 swap into my 80 series. Currently at 340,000 miles and running like a top, provided we are at low elevations. Out west at higher elevations it is nothing less than a dog that might get, on a good day, 10mpg, loaded down and pulling our 1300 lb...
  12. MOAK

    Scheel Mann Vario XL seats in the Equipt 200 Series Land Cruiser

    Nice write up, thanks. I’ve been reading about these seats for a number of years and have yet to read a single negative review. I’m still a bit shy about getting them for my 450. Our seats were rebuilt 10 years and 160,000 miles ago and still in great shape. I’ve no back problems whatsoever...
  13. MOAK

    ExPo 80 Series Registry

  14. MOAK

    How Much Worst is an 80 in an Emergency Maneuver (swerve) than a 100?

    I’ve had my 96’ 80 for just over 7 years. I have a “ heavy” suspension system from OME, new bushings everywhere, and am quite anal about all maintenance, especially steering, suspension and brakes. The vehicle, needless to say, is very tight. Good driving habits go a long way. You commented you...
  15. MOAK

    Automatic or Manual Transmission for Expedition Use?

    never suggested anyone "float gears" on their personal vehicle. I only stated that the clutch is to be used to assist in shifting. That's what it is designed to do. Premature wear of any two moving surfaces will occur if a bit of speed matching of those two surfaces is not happening at the time...
  16. MOAK

    Automatic or Manual Transmission for Expedition Use?

    Notice please that I did say that the clutch is to be used to "help" shift gears in a regular vehicle, meaning of course that a good driver will speed match a bit, by default. If you are shifting properly, using the clutch to assist, the "speed matching" is kind of a by product of shifting...
  17. MOAK

    Automatic or Manual Transmission for Expedition Use?

    I now have my first automatic ever. FZJ80 and surprisingly, I like it. I’ve driven Fords, Jeeps and Freightliners multiple millions of miles and never had any clutch or transmission failures. My FZJ 80 has 326,000 miles on it. If and when it is time for a rebuild, I’ll find a manual transmission...
  18. MOAK

    RTT rack height recommendations?

    The trailer is a very modified 4'x6' Tractor Supply Carry-On That is 24” off the ground. The sides are 25” high. The rack is being built/mounted upon a beefed up subframe ( 2x ) 17”s above the topsides for access. This gives us a rack height of 66”s from the ground. We carry about 300...
  19. MOAK

    Lets talk shovels

    When I was 9 or 10 years old my grandpa said I'd better learn to use a shovel, you might have to use one for a living one day. Then he spent the summer teaching me. ( at 10 years old, mind you!) And, ya know what, later in life for about 4 years, I did use a shovel to make a living. Give...
  20. MOAK

    Making the leap to an RTT.

    yes, sorry, annex..