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  1. zimm17

    Saw an Iveco Massif

    In Naples Italy I was dropping my Jeep off to be shipped and this caught my eye. Pretty cool truck. Too bad they made them in 2007-2008, too new to import to the US.
  2. zimm17

    RTT off-road trailer vs. enclosed camper

    I know the differences on paper, but what about real world experience from you guys who are living the dream? Towing with a Wrangler. Plan to take it to off-road parks/trails and sleep in the campground or parking lot, but also be able to tow it on overland missions which are mostly rough...
  3. zimm17

    Power pack to run ARB fridge while camping- questions

    After camping and having my ARB run my battery down too low and leaving me stranded, I don't quite trust it. Turns out the battery saver was on "low" instead of "high", but even high is 11.8v, which is 35%- too low for my comfort zone. I mostly run the ARB in my Jeep and it now has a single...
  4. zimm17

    Starting from scratch: How to haul and camp w/ 4 dirt bikes and people?

    We're soon to be moving out West and buying toys to explore and camp. Everything from Moab to Glamis will be within range. Some trips will be with my Wrangler and camping gear, but my brother and I want to do the dirt bike thing along with camping and take my 2 sons along too. For my business...
  5. zimm17

    Cargo trailer base camp for dirt bikes?

    What about a cargo trailer base camp for dirt bikes? My brother and I plan to have KTM 500's and my 2 kids will probably end on some kind of trail e-motorcycles (planning this for 2023). Traveling the west to places like Moab, Colorado, Arizona, Glamis, etc. I was thinking a tandem axle cargo...
  6. zimm17

    Awning idea- extruded track and a folding tarp with poles and guy wires?

    I have a Wrangler with hardtop. I can't run a roof rack and awning and still fit in the garage. I'm wondering if anyone makes a removable awning. I can see mounting an extruded aluminum track that an awning can slide into, then use poles and some guy lines and stakes for tension. When...
  7. zimm17

    Sleep 4+dog: Beef up a pop-up?

    I'm in the brain storming phase for our next camper. I tow with a JKU. Need to sleep up to 4 (2 kids) and a dog. I just sold my Casita which was great, but not off-road capable. I'm not going to take a trailer on the trails, but needs to be overland/forest road capable and be an off-grid...
  8. zimm17

    Going on first 10-day "expedition", need help choosing what stuff to bring

    I have lots of experience backpacking, camping, tiny RV'ing (Casita), but my upcoming trip is my first "overlander" doing 10 days on the roads and trails across Georgia. We'll have 4 jeeps, but I'm packing like I'm going solo just in case. We have a designated trail chef cooking all the meals...
  9. zimm17

    Who makes good amsteel blue soft shackles?

    I want to add a couple of soft shackles to my gear bag. I don't want some knock-off chinese crap. Who makes good shackles from good 'ol amsteel blue?
  10. zimm17

    Sleep 3 people in the back of a F150- what kind of basic camper?

    We have a Casita 17' travel trailer that works great. However, our 2 boys are soon to outgrowing the little bunk beds they sleep in. I'm trying to find a minimalist "camper" that will fit in the bed of our '18 F150 (5.5' bed) for them to sleep in while we tow the Casita. Bonus- If it can hold...
  11. zimm17

    Thinking about scratch building a trailer- am I crazy?

    I have a Casita travel trailer, but I'm thinking about getting a small off-road type trailer for going to rougher camping areas or even when I'm cub scouting with my boys. It won't get pulled on the trails, just to them. I'm newly retired from the Navy, I have a 2 car garage, a new Millermatic...
  12. zimm17

    Better 6p tent than an REI basecamp? Need stormproof and good ventilation.

    I'm already invested into an REI basecamp 6 which was $500 w/ footprint. However I'm not happy with it. The full coverage rain fly (which I need in south florida) has no option to be partially open for ventilation yet keep out rain. It's either fully rolled up, in which case the back window...
  13. zimm17

    Trailer tires to "match" my Cooper SST/Pros?

    I have a Casita travel trailer. It really doesn't go off-road, but I'm lifting it 3" and going to run 16"x6" wheels. I think a LT 225/75R16E tire will be about right (30x8.8 on a 6" rim). I was going to go with the obligatory BFG all terrain, but I'm running 37x13.50R17 STT Pros on my...
  14. zimm17

    6-person tent for high heat and rain? (REI basecamp 6 is cooking us)

    I like to have "the best" that isn't crazy priced. I did tons of research and splurged on a $450 REI basecamp 6 and the $50 footprint. It's a very well made tent with top spec aluminum poles, etc. My issue is that I live in Miami and camping down here (I got home today from 3 days/2 nights)...
  15. zimm17

    Fridge slide for ARB 50?

    Is a fridge slide worth having? Which one? How did you mount it? How much room does it take when the fridge is out of the jeep?
  16. zimm17

    10x10 "pop up" sun canopy that packs small and light?

    Off-roading in the everglades in the summer requires some shade when stopping for lunch. My 10x10 ez-up is way to big and heavy to take along in the back of my wrangler. There's got to be something better than the 40 pounder coleman from wal-mart. About 10x10 would be great, and needs to pack...
  17. zimm17

    Spare parts/tool box or crate to fit next to ARB fridge?

    I'm looking for good ideas for carrying a spare part kit with an extended range of tools for when I go off-roading, yet can be removed when the jeep is my daily driver. It needs to fit next to my ARB 50 QT fridge. I have 2' x 2' of room. I was thinking along the lines of the MTM ammo crate...
  18. zimm17

    Ultimate outdoor cooking gear (not built in, but portable for a 20# tank)

    I'm ready to buy some equipment for cooking outside at the campground with my little camper. I'd rather buy once, cry one and get something that'll last years and let me cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a family of 4 and tie into my propane tank. Coming from a tent or backpacking...
  19. zimm17

    416 style w/ RTT vs Fiberglass travel trailer

    I'm really on the fence between a Ruger 6' adventure trailer with an extra large RTT vs getting a fiberglass 16-17' travel trailer built (Scamp, Casita, Escape) Tow vehicle: '15 Wrangler Rubicon with 35's, 4.10 gears, already have T3 brake controller and 7 pin connector installed. Who: Me, 2...
  20. zimm17

    Spec Ops Anyroad (let'sgoareo) trailers?

    Anyone seen these? I'm not sure how'd they'd work for a budget camping trailer. I'm not too trilled about the rounded corners for stacking gear inside, but it's half the price of an expedition trailer.