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  1. jimny

    Talk me out of buying a Jimny in Canada

    i have a standard jimny whit dueler HT wheels so bad jajaja and is amazing what cant do, if you can go for the 1.3
  2. jimny

    Tin Top Pop Top Samurai Build

    men your source of heat is a master piece!!!! congratulations!!
  3. jimny

    Tin Top Pop Top Samurai Build

    good, so many time searching a picture of a samurai pop up and here is one
  4. jimny

    New Suzuki Jimny 2015 with Stability control and traction control

    bad idea play whit a jimny whit so much weight on the roof, I take extra care!!:smiley_drive:
  5. jimny

    Poor man's troopcarrier

    the best samurai format, all the good and more space!!!
  6. jimny

    Solar camping lights?

    i have a little one and don't work properly, bud a friend make a system whit a small solar panel,baterry of 5ah and a regulator, using a good led he illuminate all the camping spot :wings:
  7. jimny

    Camper and Truck Photos

    so cool that little Suzuki truck, a some have 4wd, low range and dift lock!!!
  8. jimny

    Subaru Justy 4wd

    in japan exist a successor the trezia and many other small awd crazy stuff
  9. jimny

    latinoamerica in one song

    the translate: I am I am what that they left I'm all about what that was stolen. A village hidden on the peak, My skin is from leather that's why it stands any weather. I'm a factory of smoke, A peasant working hand for your consumption Cold Front in the middle of summer, Love in the...
  10. jimny

    latinoamerica in one song

    I love this song
  11. jimny

    The Great Camp Chair Debate

    the best camping chair is the one you already have
  12. jimny

    The Great Transition: SUV to Crossover

    my jimny 1.3 whit vvt give me 11,7 to 13,7 km/l is like 27mpg city 31mpg higway, maybe I miscalculate something jaajaja
  13. jimny

    Name that truck!

    and the withe of the left? I say a ford explorer
  14. jimny

    new jimny design

    in japan loves thats tiny mirror and have a air admission over the hood but don't have turbo?
  15. jimny

    new jimny design

    only the face and hood.
  16. jimny

    Top 10 Used Overland Vehicles: Do you agree?

    the suzuki samurai i thinks is one of the best value for money 4x4, cheap, simple, reliability, easy to work and fix
  17. jimny

    Home on the Highway - San Francisco to Ushuaia in an 87 4Runner.

    I hate the police of Latin America, always searching for money, in Colombia one time a police say me if don't give money he put me drugs in my bag a take me to the jail! of course is lie he only wanna money, don't be afraid and never show you nervous, maybe they let you go or have to pay a few...
  18. jimny

    40 years of Suzuki's Jimny Video

    but this is in united states? because suzuki are very popular in the rest of the world, and why all now in USA the less sale cars are always the best, like the landcruiser jaja
  19. jimny

    40 years of Suzuki's Jimny Video

    good video for suzuki fans